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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Lesson in Polypropylene

We’re working our way through the fibers that are most commonly used in the production of rugs. Today we’ll talk about polypropylene and the first thing we have to need to clear up is that it goes by a couple of different names. You will see either polypropylene or olefin; know that these are two different names for the exact same thing. (And for the sake of typing ease, I’ll use the term olefin)

Olefin is a man-made compound and was first polymerized by the Italian company Montecatini in 1957. It is a rugged and highly versatile polymer that is used in everything from automotive components to textiles, and for the sake of our conversation we’ll stick to textiles and more importantly rugs. (for kicks and giggles, the next time you pop a Tic-Tac into your mouth, note that the cap of the container is made from polypropylene)

Olefin seems to get a bum wrap as a carpet fiber, but there are a lot of pluses to this fiber. It is the one fiber that can be used for rugs in either indoor or outdoor construction. Please note, that the rug must be UV treated to be used outdoors. It is exceedingly color-fast and stain resistant. I’ve even seen commercial applications that have had bleach spilled on them to no obvious effect. (Now, don’t be getting any ideas that you want to try bleach, you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good rug in a middle school type experiment!)

The next best selling carpet fiber to nylon, olefin has gained much popularity with area rug manufactures because of its versatility, stain resistance, silky texture and value. We offer many collections in this great fiber, check ‘em out, I’ve listed them below.

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Paul Johnson
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Some of our Best olefin Rugs


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