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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Season's Change

As winter gives way to Spring and Spring to Summer, I am reminded that the hues seen in our great outdoors can be a great way to bring nature's beauty inside. I personally like to change out my area rugs from season to season. Depending on the room I may choose a much brighter rug in the summer than winter or surprisingly the exact opposite.

For instance, I have a very bold rug in my livingroom. I use it only in the winter months since the room tends to look rather dull otherwise. On the other side of the home that tends to get more sun drenched, I use a darker rug in the summer season to help offset the incredible amount of light that pours in during the brighter days.

When I first got into this habit, I was perplexed with what I should do with the rugs that I was not going to be using until the next season. That is when I just installed some racks that hang from the studs of my ceiling in the garage. Now I just roll up my rugs and store them out of the way until the next season comes along where I can use them again.

The other great thing about using different rugs for the varying seasons is that you get twice the wear out of the rugs before it comes time to replace them. It is important to follow the rule of rotating your rugs for even wear. Why not take it a step further by having a given rug for each season. It will brighten your mood, the room and just make for a fun point upon which to style the rest of your home decor.

Let me know your thoughts, opinions or suggestions. I hope you have a great Tuesday...and get out and enjoy some of the great weather!


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