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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Fashion Trends

When it comes to trends we all like to know what is going on… and many of us like to stay up with them. At Rugs To My Door, we strive to bring you trend setting ideas and prices on the rugs that allow you to try those trends while not hurting the wallet.

In looking at what’s going on for this fall and (dread me saying this) winter; I’ve searched through furniture companies, paint companies and then of course our rug manufacturers to see what are the up and coming ideas. Here they are, but remember this one piece of decorating advice I’ve always tried to live by – it’s your home, you have to live with it and you have to like it – so do what makes you smile and keeps you happy.

Colors to look for in the coming months (and you should see plenty of these in our area rugs) are rich earth tones, warm reds, buttery yellows… even the grays and blues will be warm. These colors make your home feel more cozy and safe. They aren’t exuberant, but they are easy to live with and calming. Chocolate is still very popular, but warm terra cottas and curry colors are coming on strong. The palette is meant to make your house into your nest, a place that you can feel comfortable. You will find many of these combinations in our newest area rug collections as our manufacturers are following the lead of the furniture and window fashion industries.

Another thing to look for is texture and design. Both of these are showing up in very organic ways. From sisal like area rugs to patterns that are organic and calming. The keyword here is texture, texture, texture. Make your floor have some life and not look like another painted wall in your home. Layer things, use patterns that are naturally inspired and keep your area rugs warm and inviting.

Next, look to natural fibers for your rugs. We’ve all heard the buzz on “Green” and “Eco-friendly” etc etc, but one thing about using natural fibers; you don’t need oil or oil by-products to produce them. So be on the look out for more wool rugs, cotton rugs, even things like jute, sisal and sea grass. All add a warm and comforting feel to your rugs, are good for the environment, and in this age of $4 per gallon gasoline, cut down our consumption of oil.

Finally, if you need help finding area rugs that have the colors we’ve discussed or the texture and design or even are eco-friendly, our search functions on the Rugs to My Door site are set up in such a way that it takes much of the guess work out of finding just the right area rug. And as always you can call Customer Care and we will walk you through the whole process. Helping you find just the right area rug that keeps you up with all the trends and keeps your pocketbook from exploding.


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