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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Day at the Beach

I have to keep reminding myself that the entire U.S. is not changing colors right now, some of you lucky folks still are basking in summer and warm weather. Those even luckier are looking out your great room windows onto the waves lapping in from the ocean (just like my parents gosh darn ‘em) Still others want to bring that beach house feel into their homes. Well I have a few suggestions on how to create that beach house style in your home, regardless if you’re on the shore or stuck in the middle like I am.

First of all, think of the colors that inspire that beachy feeling. Watery blues, aquas, sandy beiges, bright yellows all on placed on a sandy white back drop. You can work with the soft pastel palette or use the bright colors of a beach umbrella for your inspiration. Regardless of which way you go, remember a beach house is casual living, don’t get too uptight and don’t be too strict with how you put things together.

Fabrics are another important way to add a beach house feel to your home. Keep the main large pieces sandy and off white and then use novelty fabrics with shells or coral on them to make accent pillows. Try campy 50’s Hawaiian prints or 40’s beach pin-up fabrics punch things up. The point is to keep the ideas subtle, so the eye sees what you are doing, but you’re not hit over the head with it.

Don’t forget the driftwood feel. Again, use accent pieces to bring in the flavor. Painted wood pieces that are distressed (think white washed with the wood showing through) are the perfect way to get that beachy feel in the middle of Kansas. Use a piece of driftwood for a cornice or curtain rod. Bring in a wire basket full of starfish. All of this contributes. If you’re into the shabby chic look, this is the perfect place to use it.

Finally, (and you knew I was going to get to this) use an area rug to anchor (no pun intended) the whole room. Whether it’s a sandy colored sisal rug or a hooked rug with sea shells this is a perfect way to pull the whole room together. Again, make sure that the rug adds to the room and doesn’t over-power it. In fact, using an area rug as your jumping off point is a good way to get inspired and start building your room. I’ve pulled some of the area rugs we offer and included them below so you can get some ideas.

If you've found some great fabrics that you want to take center stage as accent pillows and possibly valances you should probably anchor the room with a sisal rug like this one from Chandra. It gives you a neutral back drop while still looking like you're at the beach.

Now, if you want the rug to bring in the shells, the gulls, the corals, try some of the following and remember to keep your other pieces in the room more solid. Pull colors out of these rugs for window treatments and accent pillows (not to mention paint colors)


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