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Monday, January 14, 2008


As the year starts well all have our own resolutions, some to lose weight, some to stop bad habits, some to find true love, but me mine was to start a new venture in life and to be on my own... Being a young adult can sometimes be difficult but then I realize its time going to be exciting, one of the best parts is getting your first place by yourself... finally found a nice place... but of course starting out its not the very best....
So when you start off you need new things like appliances, dishes, just the basics... When I was about to move in it hit me.... the rug wasn't me... I wanted or I should say needed something that shows me, the artistic, fun, party me..... you go to rug places all the time only getting a few choices... never really finding an area rug that can reflect the real you... Me, I wanted something fun, frisky, something that people would be amazed by...... then being a young adult in the new age of computers figured lets see what I can find.... then I came across the place that would rescue me... the place that would help me reveal me and help me show who I am...... that place would be Rugs to My
I started searching.... trying to find a rug that described me... I came across thousands of rugs... from elegant, to rustic, to old fashion, to hip, to any age group, any decade.... the choices were endless.... and boy did I have trouble... so many choices.... but so little room in my apartment... then it hit me.... each room different theme... lol boy was I gonna have a shopping spree.... My front room.... dark cherry furniture... cream color furniture... what could I go with I thought... then it came to me a deep red with black Asian designs... a contemporary area rug, but still fun, and different... then to the bathroom....... now this would be a task... I wanted rug that would go well the my sea shell collection... as a bathroom its fun to play around with sea idea.... and smells.... when I started the search for this I admit at first I was afraid I wasn't gonna find area rugs I liked... I was afraid that it would be to good to be true to find something from the same place that I could go for.... then it happen I came across this really cool rug and then I was wowed.... how well the designs and realistic features it gave.... how well it would match everything that I had.... now finally the place I would relax spend my nights... the bed room.... I definitely needed area rugs that would show the real me... something that would relax me... something I could feel at ease with.... I have always been one who was close to nature and the color black.... for a bed room this would be the best color to keep it dark and easy to fall asleep with.... as a kid I remember collecting tigers... but the most beautiful and dangerous creature... sometimes getting the bad rap... but something about them have always astonished me... the beauty, the magic behind them.... so again I begin the search and found a cool tiger rug how could you ever go wrong with this rug?
So I tell you in this new year.... let your true self show.... go to a place that you can express yourself in your home... or help others express themselves... go to the place where you have endless choices and amazing quality and friendly service.... because as I found out in this new year in my new life.... helps me to express myself in my new life....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

One for the Kids

Have you seen the selection of children’s rugs Rugs to My Door offers? It is amazing! What boy wouldn’t love one of the sports rugs in his room? You can use one to decorate his bedroom, or place a rug like Football Fun in the playroom. He can have his very own football field! Or, if you have daughters, what about a rug like Phonics Fun? She can spread herself and her dolls across that rug and play for hours. There’s something for every child. You can even find games to play with the Games Galore rug or help them learn their letters and numbers with the Circus Elephant Parade area rug.

As a parent, I also like that you can add so much color to their rooms, just by adding an area rug. When we moved into our home, we didn’t have the best flooring in our children’s room. Yet it wasn’t top of our budget to put new flooring in.
We found a great rug to throw into our little girl’s room. The Shaggy Raggy Pink rug was affordable, colorful, and incredibly comfy for her room. Now, she can sink her little toes into this plush rug and find warmth even when it’s freezing outside! She loved it because of it’s color, we loved it because it worked within our budget.

Check out the great selection of children’s rugs, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs. Whether it’s for your home, a church nursery, a schoolroom, or anywhere kids are at, Rugs to my Door will help you find the perfect area rug to liven up the space where your children live and play.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Cold Feet

My husband and I had been saving a significant part of our paychecks for years in order to purchase our dream home. After an extensive search we settled on a beautiful two story home in a wonderful suburb. Everything seemed to be perfect until I woke up after my first night in the home to place my feet on the freezing wood floor in my bedroom. Walking into the wood floor hallway and the tile bathroom did not make me feel much better. It was at this time that I realized I had never once looked down to what was under my feet and I saw I had a problem. Since almost all of the money we had saved had gone toward the house and small repairs that were needed, we really did not have the money to buy rugs for the home. That was when I got online and discovered a fantastic site named There was every kind of rug I could ever want and all of them were at prices I could afford with my budget. My husband and I settled on a few of the beautiful casual rugs on the site, all of which fit wonderfully with the decor we had already established in our home. Now when I wake up in the morning I can not picture anything I would rather have under my feet more than the rugs I found on

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Fine Art of....

Compromise. Ahh, the art of any relationship. Many a times my husband and I have worked towards this word in our marriage. One big area for us is in our home. He loves clean lines, cool colors and anything with a modern feel to it. Me, I like the complete opposite. Give me a chair you can snuggle into any day, warm colors that envelope you and rounded corners that don’t hurt when you run into the coffee table. So, how do you make that work?

Well, that’s where compromise comes in. We often have to choose things that can be easily and affordably changed. Area rugs can offer you that option. That’s why we love Rugs to My Door’s website. It offers us the ability to shop without having to take our three children along with us. My husband can peruse the Contemporary Rug section while I view the Traditional Rugs. We can even narrow our search by price point, color or shape of a rug. One feature we both like is how the site shows us which area rugs we’ve most recently viewed and allows us quick access to return to those very rugs.

And, as large as Rugs to My Door’s selection of area rugs is, we can always find something to compromise on. Plus, it’s not a permanent decision. So, my husband can express his modern side and I can lean more to the traditional side, all by placing a new rug into our room. Whoever though compromise could be so easy?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Year's Resolution

I stand here, taking down my Christmas decorations and look around me. Wow, my home looked so festive just this morning, now it’s back to the old norm. And that old norm has to fit in all my children’s new clutter. As I begin the arduous task of finding places for it all, slowly my floor begins to appear again. I haven’t seen it in the last few weeks, what with all the wrapping paper, boxes, tree skirts and toys. With everything neatly put away I sit and take note. Ok, my kids got toys and I received Christmas money. I eye my floor again, my eyes moving from it to my walls and around the room. I need a change, isn’t that what the New Year is all about? After all, I said I was going to push past my comfort zone this year and try new things. New clothes? No, I resolved to loose weight and want to wait until at least these Christmas pounds are gone. New hair style? Ok, I’m chicken, do you know how long it takes to grow out a bad cut? What about a change in my home? New paint just seems like too much work and too hard to change if I don’t like the color. New furniture is more than my post Christmas budget can afford. My gaze roams again to the floor and the answer seems so simple, a new rug.

Having worked in the flooring industry before, I know how easy it is to change the whole look of a room simply by adding an area rug to your design. And Rugs to My Door has made it so easy. I can shop from the ease of my home and have the rug I choose shipped to me for free. With their huge selection of area rugs, I can easily find one that will fit into my home, while challenging my traditional decorating decisions. Best of all, if I don’t like the rug I chose when I receive it, Rugs to my Door has a terrific return policy. Return your rug, no explanation needed, and they’ll either refund your money or give you an in-store credit for 110% of your original purchase price. Definitely easier than painting over a wrong color choice!

So, give it a try. Make a simple new change in the New Year. Spice up your room with a bold new rug and get the joy out of it for years to come.

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