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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blend Baby Blend

My grandmother taught me years ago – guys your belt matches your shoes and gals your shoes match your bag. She’d be all over me if I was wearing a brown belt with black shoes and she’d never leave home in grey pumps and a tan bag... NEVER! So, how does this translate into your home? Very simply, make sure things work together. Your window-treatments should blend (we don’t “match” things in interior design, we BLEND them) with your flooring. Your wall color should take its cues from the fabrics or rugs you are using. Your accent pillows should pull from an accent color in your area rug or other fabrics. Dress your room like you would dress yourself – eclectic is fine if there is some common theme. Formal is beautiful if things flow – if you can put an outfit together you can easily decorate your rooms, your home, your back yard… the principles are the same the palette and the scales are just a bit bigger.

Because we are talking about making things flow in your room I want to spot light one of our newest rug vendors, Klaussner. Klaussner has been a furniture manufacturer for years, creating some beautiful pieces. You have more than likely seen pieces they have created in your local furniture stores, anything from bedroom suites, to sofas, to occasional pieces – they do it. Well in the past couple of years they have gotten into area rugs. Creating rugs that blend seamlessly with the furniture they create (and even with items they don’t produce) Klaussner’s rug take into account all the trends that are in the furniture market right now, making sure they blend with the styles, colors and textures that people are working with.

I’m listing some examples of their products below to show you not only what they do, but that you will easily be able to find a rug to work with your décor.

They have three main collections and they break down very easily. The Contemporary Collection has items that are distinctly contemporary and work well in modern settings with modern pieces of furniture. A rug like the Fresh Start rug in Wheat is a good example. It’s a contemporary design, but the coloring makes sure it works with the micro-suedes and modern furniture found in today’s home. This rug is hand-tufted in India from 100% wool and will last for years.

The Klaussner Casual collection brings you one of the hottest trends we see these days in area rugs. There are all sorts of names for it whether it is “Transitional” or “Casual” or “Soft Contemporary” these rugs are neither Contemporary nor Traditional – the flow between the two – they are rugs that are made to fit the looser lifestyle that people want today. They use bold patterns, but with soft colors and are made to blend seamlessly into any décor. The Soul Mates rug in Gold is a perfect example of this. An oversize traditional motif, done in soft golds and beiges works in rooms from traditional to contemporary.

Finally, there is the Klaussner Classics line – it’s exactly what you would expect, classically traditional rugs that work for so many of us. What you come to expect when you look for an oriental area rug. You can see the Bolero rug done in Rust and Beige here and see that although the design is traditional, the colors are modern and will fit easily into your decorating schemes.

So, there you have it, blending, making sure the shoes and the bags, the belts and the loafers, blend seamlessly throughout your home.


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