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Monday, June 29, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Summer is flea market time and I just love going out and finding interesting and eclectic items to either add or re-purpose into my home. One of the hard things about having an eclectic interior is making everything feel like it blends into one whole – one of the simplest ways to do this is with color – others might suggest paint, but I want to suggest you look to rugs for this. Rugs allow you to pull color and design together and anchor it in a room. I’m listing below some of my favorite types of rugs that I think work well in a eclectic design – regardless if you are traditional, modern or a mixture of both.

Rugs shag are a great way to add depth, texture and color to a room – grounding it while still allowing the furnishings and accessories to shine. There are many types of rugs shag today, and they aren’t what your parents had – they’re hip, well colored and interesting. One of our best lines of rugs shag comes from Dalyn – they make quite a few different types of rugs shag that will work very well in just about any setting such as the Casual Elegance collection from Dalyn. This collection offers 100% nylon area rugs that come in a myriad of sizes that are sure to fit in any home.

Another great area rug for an eclectic setting is the braided rug. A braided rug can easily look very traditional but depending on the coloration and the setting you can bring a sense of whimsy or a very modern look to a room. One of our best braided rug companies is CMI, they have a wide variety of braided rugs from modern solids to more traditionally colored braided rugs – they even offer braided rugs that are outdoor rugs. Take a look through our selection of braided rugs from CMI

Finally, try looking a more traditional rug carpet – these are what most people think of when they think oriental rugs and can look quite stunning in a eclectic setting – a rug carpet from Sphinx by Oriental Weavers will give you a great look at a very reasonable price – so take a quick look through the rug carpets they offer and see if you can find just the right traditional look to bring things together in your room.


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