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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rug Pad

While chances are good that you are purchasing your area rug to look at the top, don’t forget the bottom of your area rug. Every area rug should have a pad (or grip) to go under it. These aren’t just for cushion or because we think they are cool, an rug grip is essential to making sure your area rug stays where you put it and doesn’t go sliding around the room. While sliding around the room might not be beautiful when it comes to rugs, the bigger problem is sliding out from under you while you walk upon it. This is why Rugs to My Door and our sister site Rug Saver offer you a wide variety of rug grips for any area rug and for any application where you might put it. We have rug grip available for your hard surface floors (such as hardwood, tile or vinyl) and we also have rug grip available for when you need to place a rug over other carpeted areas. Feel free to check out our wide selection of rug grips and remember we ship it free within the continental United States – so when you place your area rug order do not forget to get the rug grip too. By the way if you are unsure which grip to get or what size your area rug requires, do not hesitate to call our Customer Care department, we will gladly make sure you get just the right thing (and surprisingly you quite often need a smaller rug grip than you think you do)

Also, we offer upon check out our Rug Renew – this cleaner has been specifically formulated to spot clean your area rugs. It’s a great idea to have it around if you plan to put your area rug under a dining room table, in a kitchen or other high traffic areas. I’ve used Rug Renew myself to get some red Kool-aid out of a polypropylene area rug in my kitchen – it worked so well you can’t even see where that darling niece of mine spilled.

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