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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

cleaning an outdoor rug

I recently received a question from a savvy consumer about out indoor outdoor rugs, and how to care for them. Please find my suggestions below:

1) An outdoor rug should not be stored outdoors during severe weather (IE weather below 50 degrees consistently or on a surface that is soaked in water due to poor water drainage).

2) If the rug you select is too large to lift and shake out, the using a broom or vacuum to sweep it works well. Naturally if using an electric vacuum you must be absolutely certain that the rug is bone dry or you may be electrocuted.

3) Stubborn stains may be cleaned with a 3/1 combination of water to bleach...then hose off and hang the rug to dry if possible. Outdoor rugs are very durable and can mak a setting seem more like an interior.

The less exposure the rug has to direct sun, and generally severe weather-the better. Screened porches or Florida rooms are also great for an outdoor rug. I hope this information helped.


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