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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wool rugs versus synthetics

Some fibers are "continuous filament" which means that the strand goes on infinitely-unless of course it is cut by a machine. Other fibers are "staple filament". This means that the fiber is relatively short in length. While there are some artificial fibers that are "staple filament" the most common staple filament fiber is wool. When a wool rug is new, there are often "dead yarns" in the rug. These are yarns that (because the fiber is staple--or not very long) did not make it into the backing of the rug--where it would have been held in place by adhesive. Wool area rugs offer several benefits over their synthetic counterparts including:-superior color ranges-superior wearability (lasts longer)-superior softness-naturally flame resistant-renewable resource This said, wool rugs also have some shortcomings which include:-fuzzing for several months after initial purchase (this occurs while foot traffic and vacuuming brings the fuzzy "dead yarns" to the surface and you vacuum them away).-not usable in indoor/outdoor or even screened porch settings We have the same area rug collection in our office here-and it too is fuzzing. We tend to vacuum it every few days and find a lot of wool in the vacuum cleaner cup. That said, we chose to keep it because we know that when the fuzzing stops we will have an area rug that is long lasting. Some folks are comfortable with the process involved with some new wool area rugs, while other individuals prefer the easy initial use of a synthetic rug. If you prefer to have a synthetic rug, please let me know. I would suggest either nylon or polypropylene as they are both "continuous filament" so there will be no fuzzing with them. I can give you links to our nylon or polypropylene rugs if you like. One thing to keep in mind however, is that wool rugs require a bit of work on the front end-but tend to last for decades. Synthetic rugs tend to require no work up front but only last several years--until their texture is lost--they crush and look worn out. If you have any questions please let me know. I appreciate your inquiry and hope this information helps.


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