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Friday, June 26, 2009

Add Some Panache

And some sparkle and color to a drab room with a new area rug. An area rug is an inexpensive and fun way to add some needed life to a room that is just feeling a bit neglected. If you can’t afford to completely overhaul a room consider adding a fun new area rug to the floor to pick the place up.

Rugs to My Door offers thousands of exiting area rugs for you to choose from. You can quickly browse (or if you are like me not so quickly browse) and see all sorts of options that would add some extra life and excitement to your floors and rooms. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a contemporary rug or an outdoor rug we are sure to have just the right rug for you.

We offer you thousands of contemporary rugs, just click on contemporary rug on the left side of our home page to begin to see all the amazing examples.

Need an outdoor rug? We have pages upon pages of outdoor rugs for you to peruse. It doesn’t matter what price range we have outdoor rugs that will fit your style and your budget.

How about a braided rug? A braided rug can work easily in a traditional space, a country room, an eclectic area or as a contemporary rug – Rugs to My Door has hundreds of braided rugs and some are even able to go outside – talk about versatility!

Don’t forget the shapes. We can help you with round rugs or a rugs runner – a rug needs to be more than just a rectangle sometimes. How about our new collection of square area rugs from Kaleen and their Tara Squared collection? A completely different take on the traditional area rug and all ready to ship directly to your door.

Finally, need cheap rugs? Take a look at our Sale Rugs – these are rugs discount and offer great prices and values.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Run Run Run

Do you have a long narrow area in your house that is just begging to have itself covered by something soft and fun to look at – well you should take a look at our wonderful collection of rug runners that we offer at Rugs to My Door. Rug runners are a great way to add warmth and style to all sorts of applications. A rug runner works perfectly going down a hallway but did you also know that there are various other uses in and about your home. Let me share some other great uses for a rug runner.

A rug runner works well in a galley kitchen (or any kitchen for that matter) whether your rug runner is going right down the middle of the room or just in front of your work areas a rug runner adds style and comfort to this area of the home.

How about a in some of today’s larger bathrooms – a rug runner is perfect in these areas in front of the vanity where you might not want to stand on a towel or cold tile. And with the variety of styles and colors that rug runners come in you are sure to find something perfect for your décor.

Entry ways are another great place to position a rug runner – these areas often are much longer than they are wide so the size of a rug runner is perfect for these areas of your home.

Bedrooms are also great places for a rug runner. More and more people are putting hardwood into their bedrooms and while the look is great, stepping onto a cold floor in the morning isn’t…. try running a rug runner down each side of your bed – they are the perfect size and they won’t cover up too much of your beautiful hardwood.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how and where to use a rug runner in your home – most of our manufacturers offer these great rugs so take a look through our selection and find just the perfect rug runner for your home.

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