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There is nothing like an area rug as a decorative centre piece, to liven up a space and add to the overall scheme, color and texture of your room.

They also help to protect the floors, add warmth and insulate against heat. Area rugs absorb sound to the minimum and help provide a non-slipping walking surface.

Area rugs are lifetime investments that come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. Once you have determined which shape you prefer, you need to measure for size. Rectangular or square area rugs are mostly used for living rooms and family rooms, while oval and round area rugs look attractive under a table.

Some of the different styles are Persian, Oriental, Braided, Tibetan, Shag, Flokati and contemporary area rugs.

Persian rugs are colorful with elaborate designs that fall into three categories: floral, pictorial and geometric designs. Oriental rugs are hand knotted with as many as 1000 knots per square inch. Rug makers weave yarn on a look and know the thread into intricate patterns.

Braided rugs add class to a home. Flat braids weaved over and under various combinations of inner strands tend to give it an artistic appearance that is unique.

While Tibetan rugs feature a square tiger pattern, the modern rugs also feature geometric shapes in vibrant colors. Shag rugs provide great insulation due to their thick soft textures, and while they were more popular decades ago, they are now making a comeback.

Flokati rugs have many cleaning options, and they can even be washed – making them a very hygienic option to consider. Of course nothing beats contemporary rugs that are brightly colored and unusually shaped. With their sparse designs they give the impression of modern art.

Overall, it is the materials that determine the value and longevity of an area rug, and common materials include wool, cotton, silk and nylon. Wool is widely used, as it is a strong material and has greater durability.

Cotton wool rugs have a good ‘foot feel’ and cost less than all-wool rugs. However cotton tends to wear out more quickly than wool. While silk area rugs are of a higher quality, they need to be handled with special care. Synthetic nylon rugs are strain resistant, have excellent uniformity and strength, and cost less than rugs made of natural materials.

An area rug complements any room, and it is just a question of choosing the right one to give it that touch of elegance.

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