Proper Maintenance To Your Traditional Area Rug Determines It’s Longevity

It doesn’t matter if you got a great deal when you purchased your traditional area rug or have spent top dollar, you should consider your newly purchased rug as an investment and want it to last for a very long time. There is no reason why your rug shouldn’t last for years with proper care and regular maintenance is the most important part in keeping the traditional area rug clean.

The amount of traffic that your rug will receive will determine how much you should vacuum it. The two things that can destroy any rug is the amount of foot traffic that it receives and the abrasive dirt that the rug sees. Constant use will grind that dirt deep into the pile fibers and will lead to damage if the dirt is not kept as low as possible

An rug that is in high traffic areas of the house like entrance-way or a hallway may need to be vacuum a few times a week in order to keep the dirt at an absolute minimum whereas a rug in a area like the dinning room may see a lot less traffic and will only need to be occasionally vacuumed. either way make sure to vacuum correctly. Most people fail to clean their rugs properly because of the way that they vacuum. Too often they move the vacuum too quickly across the rug.

What you need to do is slow down. When you vacuum, start by slowly moving back and forth in small section at a time. This is because dirt tends to work itself deep into the rug’s pile and quickly moving the vacuum does not work the dirt to the surface very well. As a result over time the area rug will start to look dirty no matter how often you clean it.

Sometimes the dirt in the rug can work its way through and settle in between the area rug and the pad, or worst yet it may go all the way between the pan and your floor and dirt between the pad and your floor can cause permanent damage to your floors when possible remove the rug and sweep the floor for all the dirt that has worked it’s way down there

Foot traffic, dirt as well as sunlight all will wear your rugs. In order to keep them fresh and from fading is to regularly rotate them. Moving rugs that are similar form room to room can lessen the effects of fading. Another thing to do is to “spin” the rug 180 degrees ever so often. By keeping the traditional area rug clean with regular vacuuming and taking the time to rotate them will ensure that they will last for a long time

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