Nine Area Rug Colors For Making A Room Shine

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Decorating your house is all about what atmosphere you opt to create in a given room. The best way to brighten a room is to place area rugs in strategic locations in your home. There are a wide selection of colors in rugs that can make any room shine. Here is a list of how color can affect and reflect your mood and atmosphere in your home.

1. Reds – Shades of red imply exercise, dynamic power and zeal at work and at home. Using red area rugs in your bedroom, home gym or children room shows that you are not dull, maybe fascinated by sports and keen on life.

2. Blues – The blue colors imply truth, fidelity, stability, intelligence, wisdom and confidence. This means you may use blue area rugs in any room you want to show your inner confidence like the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

3. Greens – Green is nature’s color. It’s a symbol of tranquility, peace, expansion, fertility and freshness. That would suggest green area rugs are great for a room you may perform yoga or where you sleep.

4. Yellows – Yellow denote contentment, intellect and energy, so placing yellow area rugs in any room can make it bright and sunny.

5. Oranges – Orange is a mix of ecstatic yellow and active red. Since orange is an attention-grabbing color, you can place orange rugs in a room where you spend a large amount of time entertaining.

6. Purples – The color purple brings together red energy and blue stability. It is well-known to designate power, royalty, grace, poser and creativeness. The placement of purple area rugs in any room where you would like to make a luxurious environment.

7. Browns – Brown is the masculine of red and it symbolizes stability. Since brown colours are neutral and natural, brown area rugs are good for environments from rustic to modern.

8. Blacks – Black is powerful, elegant, formal and confusing. In some circles it is considered evil, but all women know black is a flattering and complex color. You can use black area rugs in any room since black is a universal color.

9. Whites – White is the complete opposite of black and denotes innocence, purity, light and goodness. The utilization of white area rugs in the bathroom or kitchen creates a crisp clean look.

Area rugs come in all kinds of shapes and color mixtures. You can choose the color you want in shapes like round, square, octagon, rectangle and even special designer shapes like heart, diamond and holiday related shapes. Select your color ; select your shape and create the room of your dreams.

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