Country Area Rugs for The Traditional Home

Country area rugs are usually used to decorate homes with a traditional or country setting. Sometimes, it is also used to complement antique themed home. It is usually paired up with other country ornaments or also with antique decorations. The rugs bring warmth and relaxation to the ambiance of your home.

Country Area Rugs, just like the other types of rugs, come in all sizes. The rugs are usually rectangular or square shaped. They are usually handmade and hand-woven using natural fibers. Because of this, the rugs are quite expensive compared to other types of rugs.

The rugs are not colorful. The colors of country rugs usually revolve around deep rich tones like maroon, rose, forest green, and taupe. Most of the rugs’ designs are bold and geometric. The country rooster, which is associated with country life is one of the most common design of the rugs. Other themes used by country area rugs are nature and country life.

Country rugs are usually placed in the kitchen, the dining area or the living room since these are the places where the family is usually gathered. Other than that, it could also be placed in areas around the house that you would want to have a country feel or a warm and “homey” setting.

Country area rugs are one of the most sought after rugs because of its classic and traditional feel. It is a perfect decorating partner for the traditional country themed home, particularly in the living room, in front of the fireplace. A beautiful, elegant, warm, and relaxing home is now possible with the help of country area rugs.


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