2 Very Good Aspects For Choosing Blue Floor Vases

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There are two important advantages you can get by using blue floor vases in your room. Firstly, blue has been discovered to be comfortable to the eyes. Secondly, you can select your vase color from a wide spectrum of blue shades ranging from deep blue to greenish blue, all of them a pleasure to gaze at. Therefore, you have ample room for artistic expression. Online you can see a rich collection of blue floor vases. Many of them are extremely valuable antiques or skillfully-made reproductions of antiques. However, the color is also a favorite among contemporary as well as modern vase designers.

Blue and green are among the most soothing colors for the eyes

On account of their being cool colors, a lot of people find blue and green comfortable to look at. In addition, those two colors are believed by Feng Shui experts to promote friendship, health and good fortune because of their calming effect on the nerves. They rid the ambience of angry vibrations. The blue dyes used for pottery are either blue, bluish green or greenish blue. Blue floor vases are very attractive and soothing to the nerves; they can promote a friendly and peaceful atmosphere in a room.


Blue floor vases are available in over 20 shades of blue

There are many permutations of blue in floor vases, depending on the chemicals and the proportion of the ingredients used. So you will never be at a loss how to fit a blue floor vase into your color motif. Just to mention two, you have cobalt blue and cerulean blue. Cobalt blue is most frequently found in Chinese pottery while Cerulean is encountered in Japanese ceramics of the late 19th century. Blue combines well with many colors. It also serves to counteract the energetic wavelengths of red dyes. That means that by using blue in your color scheme, you may also include those colors that are warmer to the eyes and more exciting to the emotions. Your color palette becomes richer.

You should think about including blue floor vases among your d├ęcor because as centerpieces or accent pieces, they tend to calm the emotions of the people in the room. They are also healthy for the eyes. Besides the psychological and physical benefit, the blue dyes used for vases are richly varied and you can never fail to find the shade of vase that will complete and enhance the appeal of the room’s color scheme. Having hints of blue in your color scheme will allow you to include even more of the warmer hues. This gives you more room for creativity.

There are many other interesting things to learn about the color blue, for instance, there are other famous shades of this color besides Cobalt blue and Cerulean. You can learn about them by going through the materials in our website. Besides colors and their effects, there is plenty of information there about shapes and types of vases as well as tips on how to use them for decorating our interiors.

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