How to Clean Laminate and Hardwood Floors

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Cleaning laminate wood floors seemed to sound like a tedious task for most but actually it is not. It can be simply and easily done. When it comes to choosing laminate flooring, most people would be looking for wood look rather than traditional hardwood because the former is much easier and less tiring to upkeep. It is simple to keep laminate wood flooring clean and if you would adhere to the instructions of the manufacturers when it comes to laying it on the floor, it can guarantee you to last long. One very important thing to remember when installing laminate wood flooring is the room should not be damp.

One of the simple ways of keeping laminate flooring clean is by using light weight vacuum for it picks up dust and other lose items on the floor. Even your ordinary broom will work pretty well, but if you want convenience in using, vacuuming it regularly is more preferable.

Here are few simple steps on how to clean laminate flooring:

Avoid using wet mop when cleaning laminate wood flooring. If it is exposed to too much moisture, there is a possibility for the floor to warp or worse, to separate. It would be best to use damp paper towel most especially when wiping water spots. If these spots stay longer on the floor, they create annoyance and unimpressive look.


As much as possible, refrain from using harsh chemical cleaners for a film is going to build up every time you apply it. Moreover, it can take away the natural beauty and color of the floor.
Whenever there are spills of high staining substance such as coffee, juice or wine, you should immediately wipe it with damp cloth. But if stains are tough and cannot be removed with simple wiping, one of the best solutions is to use nail polish remover or any acetone based solutions. However, this method of cleaning wood floors can lead to the discoloration of the laminate so it is imperative to test first the cleaning solutions on portions of the flooring that are partly hidden.
A solution of water and vinegar also makes an effective and inexpensive cleaning idea. This solution can also remove tough stains on the floor. If you want to achieve best cleaning results, use this solution in a spray bottle and clean the floor by spraying the solution and a mop.

When regularly cleaned and maintained, the laminate flooring can be enjoyed for many years. Maintenance and cleaning laminate floors are cost effective and absolutely easy. But even though cleaning and upkeep is simple, it still matters that the entire family would give a little effort in caring for the floors so it can continuously provide comfort and beauty to your home. Many homeowners preferred using laminate floors because the cost is relatively low from the installation to the maintenance. As long as you understand the limitations of laminate flooring, you can always care for it in a simple and easy way to ensure its durability and long-lasting effect.

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