Tips to Protect Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring is the type of flooring which is getting preference in areas like schoolhouses, theatres, gymnasiums etc. This type of flooring can remain attractive as new with little bit of care.

Hardwood flooring complements any kind of furniture as well as décor. So, it have been widely using in residential and commercial areas as well. Basic tips in the direction of preventing hardwood flooring are:

Prevention against Dirt and Grit

Dirt and grit are regarded as enemies for hardwood flooring. It affects look of floor by hampering its polishes. Dirt and grit acts as sand paper and causes dents and scratches over the smooth floor. The process of wiping and cleaning can help in this regard but it is more effective to use doormats at the door to not allow dirt and grit inside with one’s shoes.


Save from water spill

Spilling of water or other liquid also affects hardwood floor. The reason is that liquid remains on floor for longer times which in return warp the floor. So, liquid should be wiped as soon it spills over the floor.

Dragging of furniture

Most of furniture comes with sharp edges and dragging those harms the floor a lot. Dragging of furniture should be avoided so as to keep floor free of dents or scratches. The step of using proper pads to furniture legs is also helpful in this regard.

Use of quality cleaners

Use of neutral pH cleaners can help one to avoid any problem on floors. Quality cleaners do not react with floor material and keeps it to look natural.  Maintenance and cleaning of floor is important but one needs to avoid the usage of soaps to maintain the naturalness of floors.

Protect from UV rays

Direct and continuous exposure to sunrays also affects the floor badly. Using curtains is the best way to protect floor from long harmful UV effects. Thus, all these tips are effective to maintain the beauty of hardwood flooring at homes, workplaces or other related areas.





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