Solid Hardwood & Laminate Flooring in Vancouver

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Solid Hardwood and Laminate flooring are very common in different regions of Vancouver. Both the floor types are unique in their own way.

Solid Hardwood flooring enhances the beauty of bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms etc. This type of flooring takes less time for installation. Installation of this flooring type is an easy task if it is done by hiring well-skilled professionals. The living spaces look more elegant and give solid feel to feet. Solid Hardwood flooring is a form of permanent flooring. Thus, most floor manufacturers in Canada offer warranties for their products required in the hardwood flooring.


Laminate flooring is another special type of flooring. Mostly tenants prefer this type of flooring. In Laminate floor covering, floors are made from a fiber board which is available as 7mm and 12mm thick. The price range varies from laminate quality and thickness as well. Best part is that laminate flooring does not require use of tools like nails, power cut-off saw or glues unlike solid hardwood.

Flooring gives better results if one selects the thickest size. Other features of this flooring type are; it is easy to install, clean and maintain as well. It is scratch-resistant and available in affordable rates. In both types of flooring, a proper spacing gap is needed. Flooring contracts and expands in certain climatic conditions.

Various Floor specialists are available which are supporting natives of Canada in the selection of floors for homes or for workplaces. Experienced professional team guides in Solid Hardwood floor and Laminate floor installations depending on one’s choice and budget.








Prestige Flooring is a Vancouver-based hardwood flooring expert offering consultation, installation, repair and maintenance services in hardwood flooring. It offers quality and high class products and services in wooden flooring to both commercial and residential clients in Vancouver.

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