10 important tips for taking care of area wool rugs or shaggy rugs:

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10 Easy Follow Tips for Taking Care of Your Area Rugs


1.  Avoid placing your rugs near or under potted plants. Avoid in damp area or where areas are repeatedly exposure to wet situation.

2.  Check for moths. Moths lay lots of eggs and these eggs will turn to larvae which will permanently damage your area rug especially wool rugs. As larvae will feed on them to stay alive. They might stay in your rug for months.

3.  Once a while use non staining insecticide which contains pyre thins to kill insects that feed on your rug. Try not to use moth balls, flakes or crystals with contain naphthalene, as they have little effect on months on area rugs, and thus they give an unpleasant odor which will stay in your rug for a long time.

4.  If you have pets like dogs or cats at your home, they might tend to chew or scratch your rug causing permanent damage to it, especially if you have shaggy rugs. Shaggy rugs shrew through time, but with dog chewing and cat scratching can cause shredding much faster. Try to train your pet so that they don’t damage or urine on it is the best way. As after they developed the habit, you do not have to worry much about your rug getting damage from them.


5.  When cleaning using a vacuum, try to avoid the beater bar. As the beater bar can cause a raking effect on the top layer of your rug. Shaggy rugs and wool rugs fibers will be torn if you use high suction vacuum.

6.  Check your rugs once a while to see if it needs cleaning. Although area rugs are good for circulation of air that it can trap dust and pollen, however with too much dust and pollen on your area rugs cause increase in wear.


Tips: Lift your rugs at one side and kick the back of the rug. And if dust flies it needs cleaning

7.  After cleaning it with shampoo and water, remember to fully dry the rug. This is important as damp area can cause damage to its fibers.


Tips: If a small area rug needs to be dry after you have cleaned it because of stains, urine, or other causes, you can dry it with a hair dryer. And smoothen it with iron, not to over burn the rug though.


8.  When washing rugs, try to avoid high concentration bleaching. Best if possible bleaching is avoided. But if you somehow need to have snowy crystal white area rug (everyone loves that), try using dilute bleaching instead. Most bleaching have chorine, so continuously use can cause fringes to tear away and permanently damage your rug. Especially your kids rugs, as they are multicolor and colors may fade.

9.  Try avoiding direct sunlight on your rugs as ultraviolet rays are very powerful and placing it directly under the sunlight will cause increase in wear and fading of colors.


Tips: If you must use your rug at the area where direct sunlight is prominent, like near windows, we recommend consider sheer drapes to block some direct sunlight to your rug. Or most importantly ones a while turn your rug or shift it.

10.  Finally storing your rug is very important if you plan to change an area rug. Especially large rugs, try to store at non wet places and where animals or rodents are unreachable. Once a while inspect your area rug.

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