Methods To Clean And Maintain Your Rugs

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Your rug may be subjected to dirt, dust, sand, etc. Rugs used particularly in kitchen and bathroom areas are subjected to oil residue, cooking residue, moisture, dirt, etc. Hence your rugs may lose their vibrant color and may look dull. If your rug is not cleaned and maintained regularly, the fibers of the rug can become packed and matted. Cleaning and maintaining your rug is really a difficult job. Different cleaning and maintenance methods are there to clean and maintain your rugs. The right kind of rug cleaning and maintenance method is to be used for obtaining the best result. Make sure that the rags used in busy area such as kitchen, bathroom and hall-way has to be cleaned and maintained more often. Some of the rug cleaning and maintenance methods are as follows: Shake or beat your rug – Smaller rugs can be shaken by hand to loosen dirt and other dust particles. Larger rugs can be beaten using a handle, after suspending it over a fence or a clothesline. Vacuum clean your rug – Vacuum cleaning your rug is very important to remove dirt, dust and sand trapped in your rug. Vacuum clean the rugs having looped textures using only suction option and avoid using the rotating beater bar so that the loops are prevented from getting damaged. For cut pile rugs, vacuum cleaning must be done using both suction option and rotating beater bar. Using rotating beater bar for cleaning cut pile rugs helps in removing dust and dirt particles embedded in the rug. Do not run the beater bar over the fringe provided at the ends of some rugs. Clean your rug regularly-Dry cleaning method is the safest cleaning method for any type of rug. Wet cleaning method can be used provided you use high speed drying process. If you use wet cleaning method, reduce the use of moisture as excessive wetting may cause color bleeding or shrinking of your rug. Remove the stains in your rug-You can try to remove the stain using hot water spray, stain-removing spray, or steam spray. Certain stains such as coffee, juice, cola, milk, wine, foods, animal waste, medicines, and certain dyes must be cleaned immediately. Gently blot the stained area with a clean towel. Then blot the stained area using club soda, or a mixture of equal amount of white vinegar and cold water. Repeat this step two or three times and then blot the area again using a clean dry cloth. You can then gently wipe the area using a rug cleaning detergent. If your rug is stained deeply, it is better to use a professional rug cleaner. Rotate Your Rug – Rotate or turn your rug in order to avoid excessive fading or deterioration of a particular portion of your rug and to prevent uneven wearing of your rug. Use proper padding for your rug – Padding helps in protecting and maintaining the shape of your rug. There are different types and qualities of padding. Store the unused rugs properly – Clean the rug thoroughly, wrap it in clean non-plastic material and then store it in a dry place, if you are not going to use the rug. The above tips will help you to maintain your rugs properly so that the look and feel of your rugs is maintained and the durability of your rugs is improved. Sarah Jose has contributed several articles in varying fields,especially such as quality area rugs,furniture stores in Vernon.If your interested in arenas of home improvement visit furniture stores in Kelowna,quality area rugs .To collect further information on rugs,check this location fine hand knotted area rugs,furniture stores in Vernon


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