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Jet Blue Airlines are a popular low cost American airline. The Jet Blue Airline is owned by the JetBlue Airways Corporation. It has it’s headquarter in New York City’s Forest Hills neighborhood near the Queens. Jet Blue Airlines uses the John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens as its base.


The Jet Blue Airlines has a corporate office in Utah. It also has a satellite office in Connecticut. The Jet Blue Airline does not function under any union.


Jet Blue Airlines has a Jet Blue schedule that is designed to serve the major destinations in the United States of America. Apart from USA, the Jet Blue Airline offers flights to tourist destinations in Bahamas, Bermuda, Colombia, Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica.



Jet Blue Airlines along with an efficient Jet Blue schedule also offer a frequent flyer program. This Frequent flyer program is named, TrueBlue. The Jet Blue Airline refers to the TrueBlue as its very own “flight gratitude program.


The TrueBlue program and its Jet Blue schedule of the Jet Blue Airlines entirely operate online. There is no requirement for the membership cards; the members are not mailed any statements or program documents. The Jet Blue Airline flights are worth 2, 4 and 6 points. The points are decided on the basis of the distance and the members are awarded double points for all the flights that are booked by them over the internet.


Jet Blue Airlines has gone on to announce some changes to their TrueBlue program. These changes make it possible for the travelers to use their account without worrying about getting their miles expired, unlike the various other low-cost carrier programs.



With the new changes the Jet Blue Schedule for the TrueBlue program does not have any blackout dates. Apart from that, it offers many other benefits to the regular travelers as well as the members of the TrueBlue program.


The Jet Blue Airlines and its Jet blue Schedule has been ranked highest when it comes to customer satisfaction among the various low cost carriers in the North American continent. It has received the recognition fifth year straight in a row.


The Jet Blue Airlines is currently considered to be a 4-star low-cost airline.

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