Floor Mat FAQ: Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Matting Installation

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While floor mat installation is simple and straight-forward, there are several finer points worthy of addressing prior to purchase.  Thoughtful consideration of floor mat material, backing, and strategic placement can help businesses get the most out of their commercial matting installations. 

1. What purpose do floor mats serve in a commercial setting?

Commercial floor mats can serve several core functions in a commercial setting, depending on the material from which they are made and the areas in which they are placed.  Entrance mats, for example, typically have a surface constructed of heavy-duty “crush resistant” fabric, such as nylon yarn.  These mats are placed in the areas leading up to an entryway or exit, as well as on the floor space just inside.  These mats serve to clean the dirt from visitors’ shows, contain that dirt, and also control moisture that may accumulate during rainy days.  This keeps entryways clean and safe, thereby reducing the risk of accidental slip and fall.

Anti-fatigue mats, by contrast, are designed for use in areas where employees spend most of their time standing.  These mats feature a special construction that compresses under pressure, alleviating muscle tension in the feet, legs, and lower back.  Whereas entrance mats primarily serve to keep highly trafficked areas clean and safe, anti-fatigue mats serve to keep employees comfortable and productive for long working hours.


2. I love the color and design of my floor.  Why should I cover it?

There are many reasons to install commercial matting products.  As addressed above, floor mats serve different functions depending on where they are installed.  Installing entrance mats is highly recommended because it enhances safety for visitors and insulates businesses from potential liability arising from accidents.  Such accidents are very common, particularly on uncovered marble, tile, or hardwood floors that become very slippery when wet. 

What’s more, there are a range of carpet, rubber, and vinyl matting options available in a range of vibrant colors.  Matching floor mats with an already existing color scheme can be very easy.  Also, businesses may opt to create a custom logo mat.  These mats have become more popular in recent years as advances in digital printing technologies have made possible the creation of colorful and sharp-detailed images.  Additionally, many websites allow visitors to easily upload a company logo, slogan, or crest, making custom logo mats more readily available.

3.  How do you clean commercial floor mats?

It has been reported that only about 10% of dirt and moisture can be removed from commercial mats by regular vacuums.  These is because commercial floor mats have highly textured surfaces that trap large amounts of debris deep below the surface.  It is recommended that floor mats be cleaned by a professional floor mat cleaning agency.  Failure to properly clean mats can result in oversaturation, slipping, sliding, and unwanted accidents.

Floor mats provide a variety of safety and aesthetic functions that help businesses protect both employees and property.  Often overlooked because of their simplicity of design and low-cost nature, commercial floor mats are an all-too-often underplayed asset for businesses of most industries.

Eagle Mat and Floor Products proudly celebrates 30+ years of expert commercial floor mat products and services. Read more about commercial matting installation on the Eagle Mat Blog’s Floor Mat FAQ.

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