Epoxy Garage Floor Paint is a Home Mechanic’s Best Friend

by Cornell University Library

For home mechanics that use their garage as a regular work space, epoxy garage floor paint is a great investment to keep their environment safe, clean, and easy to function in. With epoxy floor paint, a simple day’s work can translate into years of high-performance flooring, adding value to your property while protecting your concrete surface at the same time.

In terms of safety, by choosing light colored epoxy paint, the shiny surface of a finished garage floor will provide up to 300 percent more reflectivity than regular flooring. This means a brighter work area, and the ability to light the area without having to resort to high powered, energy draining industrial lighting. In addition, the fleck that comes in an epoxy floor kit provides a non-skid surface for workers as they move between projects, ensuring that no slips or falls will occur on a wet floor.

For cleanliness, epoxy garage floor paints are second to none, as their solid, non-porous surface deflects staining and spillage from even the toughest liquids. From oils and paints, to any car-related fluids, most clean-ups will take only the swipe of a cloth to make the surface as good as new. In addition, regarding regular upkeep and maintenance, these epoxy floors are also easy to care for, needing only a regular mopping or sweeping to keep grit and dirt from wearing against the finish.

Lastly, when looking for a high-performance space that will be easy to function in, epoxy garage floor paint outshines its competitors because of its no-fuss application process and exceptional durability. After the floor finish has dried for the recommended amount of time after application, home mechanics can get started right away enjoying their pristine new work environment secure in the knowledge that their garage floor will be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use. They can then continue to work with confidence, focusing on their projects instead of on protecting their floors from unanticipated damage and staining.


Car guys flooring has the highest quality garage floor paint to make any garage look like a professional show room. Find epoxy flooring that is right for your personal touch, and give your car something durable, easy to clean, and stylish to rest on.


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