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So you’ve decided to take the plunge into making your dingy garage floor look fresh and attractive.  You’ve moved out all your junk, swept, cleaned and power washed, but now what? There are many options to choose from when it comes to protecting your concrete floor and making it attractive and unique at the same time.  Two of the easiest and most popular options are to either use some form of concrete paint, or to use an epoxy garage flooring kit.  Depending on your situation, it’s time to make a decision about which option could be right for you.


You have probably spent hours cleaning your garage to get to this point, but you are not done yet! Whichever floor coating you decide to choose, it’s pertinent that your concrete is stripped of all previous coatings and stains such as oil or transmission fluid.  This is the most important step in making the paint or epoxy adhere to your floor.  Any impurities can lead to some seriously undesirable results.


When purchasing an epoxy flooring kit it’s important to do some investigating.  Every company offers something different in their packages.  The high quality ones will include absolutely everything that you will need for cleaning and installation, including strippers, brushes and detailed instructions.  When done correctly, epoxy flooring is the most cost and time effective option.  Its non-slip surface is extremely durable and stain resistant for easy clean-up.  The many color options make it easily customizable to match your home décor or to get a little creative. The all-inclusive kits make it easy for anyone to have a great looking garage floor that will last for years to come.  Be sure that when you’re laying the floor, you follow the manufacturer’s recommended weather advisements.  If it’s too hot, too cold or even too humid outside your epoxy may not cure properly.  You will also have to wear protective face covering, as you do not want to breathe in the fumes when you mix the compounds together.



If you decide to go the paint route it’s also very important to do some shopping around.  You must make sure that you get a product specifically for concrete or it won’t adhere properly and ultimately it won’t last more than a month.  You will also have to purchase floor stripper, tools, brushes and other necessary items separately, for most floor paint options do not come in kits.  Paint is slightly simpler to apply than epoxy but you need to be prepared to lay down at least 2 coats of color and a sealant over the top to increase the durability.  Paint is also much more prone to chipping and “hot tire pick-up” than an epoxy coating. Expect to be stripping and repainting approximately every one to two years.


When choosing between paint and an epoxy coating for your garage floor, make sure that you weight the positives against the negatives.  You will need to take your personal situation into account and make a decision you will be satisfied with.  Epoxy is slightly more expensive but will last much longer and you will spend less time doing maintenance in the long run.  Paint is easier to apply for a novice but after a few years of painting and repainting you may become fed up with the amount of money and time you have invested.  When done properly both options can make your concrete more durable and much more attractive, it’s up to you to decide which is right for your home.


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