No-Muv Carpet Pad – Best Pad for Rug on Carpet

Having a rug on top of carpet has become a very popular look. It is often difficult to keep rugs still and from buckling while they are on top of carpet. Finally, No-Muv rug pad for carpet is one of the only and best rug pads that truly keeps rugs still on top of carpet.

No-Muv rug to carpet area rug pad is a U.S. patented product and manufactured in the USA. It is extremely important to keep rugs still on carpet for a few reasons. First, the rug looks much better when it is flat and still on the carpet. Second, the right rug pad for rugs on carpet prevents premature wear to the area rug. When a rug is not completely flat on carpet and is buckled, walking on these buckled areas can cause premature wear on these areas.

Specifically designed for use when oriental, persian and other area rugs are used on top of carpet, No-Muv rug on carpet pad is hypoallergenic and completely synthetic with no animal fibers to aggravate allergies. The patented construction consists of a stiffened lower surface which grips the carpet, preventing creeping. The upper surface is textured to hold the rug that sits on it.

No-Muv is constructed to resist the heaviest of furniture indentations. I have often seen rooms with furniture legs making indentations in the rug which forces the outer areas of the rug to be lifted. This causes buckling. Because of No-Muv’s high density, it creates a significant resistance to even the heaviest of furniture. This leaves your rug still even around the weight of furniture legs where with other rug pads would be lifted and buckled.

Safe to use with any area rug on top of any carpet, No-Muv rug on carpet pad is the foundation that your area rug requires. Use No-Muv to also prevent possible bleeding from your area rug onto your carpet. No-Muv costs a little more than traditional rug pads yet works like no other pad for rugs on carpet. You can view and purchase No-Muv in some of the finer rug stores as well as online at Best Rug Pads,

Paola K has been a specialist in area rug preservation for several years with expertise in preventing premature wear to new and antique area rugs. You may visit for more on No-Muv rug to carpet rug pad.

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