Hardwood Flooring & its Many Types

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There are a lot of finishes, hardwood floor products and types of wooden layers available. All such forms are equally attractive and can add charm to any living space. Basically, wooden flooring is available in either prefinished or as unfinished type.

One will find the following types of flooring on most online wooden flooring stores:

Engineered Hardwood
Solid Hardwood Floor
Floating Floor Systems
Trims and Transitions
Glues and Underlays
Laminate Flooring
Sustainable Flooring

Amongst these, the Engineered flooring is more popular as compared to other types. The reason is that it is available at cost-effective rates and is moisture-resistant. This floor type can cope up with any climatic conditions as they can contract or expand as per need. Whereas, Solid Hardwood flooring can be seen in areas like schools, theatres and other places. As this kind of floor is available in a wide range of sizes, so one can select as per his needs and desires.


We also provide our customers with important information and advice about the benefits, drawbacks and installation of durable underlay, sound absorption and reflecting products, heat insulators, and environmentally friendly products as well as the do’s and don’ts of radiant heat.

Laminate flooring is scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Sustainable Flooring is known for their stunning looks and versatility factor. Such floor arrangements can be seen in areas like hotels, restaurants, exhibition halls, garages, showrooms, basement and warehouses.

Other remaining types are also very unique in nature. The various flooring types need proper maintenance which can be achieved in the following ways:

Use less water during Mopping
Go for soft bristles based Vacuum Cleaner
Use Rugs on walkways
Avoiddragging furniture around

There are different companies in competition to provide better flooring products and services to people. But, one needs to have proper information about the products, their benefits and drawbacks before selecting any one of them.

Prestige Floors is a Vancouver-based hardwood flooring specialist offering a wide range of hardwood flooring products and services in the entire Greater Vancouver area.

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