How to Make Retail, Shop, and Garage Floors Glass-smooth

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Ultra smooth floors (glass-smooth) are often a “required” look for showing off quality operations and merchandise. As is frequently the case in obtaining a high-end result, glass-smooth floors are achievable but at a cost in materials and effort. Of course, it helps to start with a smooth floor but even highly damaged floors can be brought back to glass-smooth with some hard work and…epoxy.

If you are going to invest in achieving a showroom quality smooth floor, you want to first make sure that your efforts are not spoiled by lifting or pealing. This means care must be taken to do a good prep job that will assure maximum adhesion to the concrete base. One good way to obtain a professional preparation is to use one of Durall Industrial Flooring’s kits of materials that are customized to owner specification and delivered directly to the job site. These kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines staffed by seasoned flooring experts, so professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor. See for details.

After the preparation work is done, all of the low spots in your floor should be filled. Joints and concrete cracks from sagging can be filled with the grout provided in the Durall kit. Mixing the grout to a peanut butter consistency and working it into the cracks with a gloved hand or putty knife is the first step. Try not to smear too much on the surface and strike the cracks flush before they harden.


Next come those dreaded holes from tack strips or walls that were removed, or stones showing through from water erosion. These all need to be filled with 100% epoxy for maximum adhesion. Make sure all of the holes are dry and dirt had been sucked out of them during the preparation process. Mix up the epoxy and pour a small amount in each crater and hole. Note that the surface tension of the epoxy will create a little edge to each pour, like honey poured on a counter top. Once the epoxy has set up (12-15 hours) use a grinder with a masonry wheel to bring the edges flush to the surrounding concrete. Then use a vacuum to remove all the ground off powder and loose grout that may be on the floor.

Next comes your 100% solid Dura Poxy coating. To achieve a glass-smooth finish you will need to plan on three coats. The first coat is rolled and brushed on at about 125 to 150 sq. ft. per gallon. When mixing, be sure to do at least 200 strokes or 2 minutes with a drill mixer. Then transfer from the mixing container to another container before application to assure that no material remains unmixed. Use a 9-in. 3/8″ nap roller and a 4-in. china bristle brush on broomstick handles to apply. Mix the epoxy as you go to assure that it remains as liquid and fluid as possible. Mixing and applying the epoxy within 30 minutes will help it flow well. After 15 hours, you screen the entire floor with a 60-grit screen on a rotary scrubber. Then check all of the patched areas. If the filled holes or cracks show imperfections, applying additional epoxy to low spots, allowing them to harden, and regrinding may be necessary for that final glass-smooth finish.

For the second coat, plan on about 90 sq. ft. per gallon. Be sure to vacuum the floor thoroughly before proceeding with an additional coat. Again, mix the epoxy as you need it and pour it at the far edge of the floor and then use a 16-in. notched squeegee to pull the material over the entire surface. The notched squeegee will allow extra material to flow into any low spots to make them level. Pull back about 6 ft. and then use a 3/16″ nap roller and pull it over the squeegeed areas to remove any rack marks or pools that may appear. Fifteen (15) hours later, screen again, vacuum well, and repeat the process to arrive at your final floor.

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