Repair Carpet Tack Strip Holes in Concrete Floors

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When carpet is removed from over concrete holes and craters are left from carpet tack strips that were nailed into the concrete. Each nail when removed can leave up to a ½ in. wide hole in the floor. The same is true with doorway transition plates that edged your carpeting or tile. The removal of old walls will leave even bigger holes in the floor. The following information can help you repair your floor holes so that smooth modern flow coated flooring can be applied.

After removing floor tiles, tack strips, doorplates, walls etc. your floors will need to be cleaned so that your holes can be filled with a permanent bond. If all that you need is the holes filled the preparation need only apply to those areas. This will mean that your holes will be made level again but you will be able to see each of them unless covered with another material. If you will be using an epoxy or urethane coating over the top you should prepare the entire floor before filling your holes.


Now that your floor is prepped and dry mix up some 100% solid epoxy and fill each hole as close to the top as possible. There will be some surface tension holding the epoxy together and when it hardens in about 12 hours you will need to use a 4-in. grinder with a masonry wheel. (A tool) to flush off the edges of each pour to blend it with the surrounding surface. Note if you are going to coat your floor with epoxy you can do this while the whole epoxy is still wet. Don’t go over the filled epoxy but if you break the edge of each pour you will find that the repair tends to loose its surface tension edge and flow nicely with the surrounding epoxy hiding many of your pours. This can save quite a bit of time during your grinding phase. Once you have ground off the edges of your pours just sweep up the epoxy dust for your next coat. You may want to repeat or touch up some pours if needed.

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