Benefits Of Natural Rugs

Natural rugs are a popular choice for many homeowners these days.  We all know the state of the environment and how important the choices are that we make when purchasing products and materials for our homes.  If you are looking for a way to spice up your home decor, I highly suggest selecting natural rugs because they cause no harm to the environment and are ultimately a safer choice for you and your family. 

Benefits of natural rugs…

Natural rugs are made from 100% renewable resources, meaning that the materials can be replaced without a lot of strain on the environment.  These materials are environmentally friendly, sustainable and some even biodegradable.

Natural rugs do not emit any off gassing of unsafe chemicals like manufactured materials do. A new area rug may give off a unique smell when first laid out but this is just the natural scent of the fibers and this will dissipate usually within a few hours.

Natural fiber rugs are extremely durable and most can withstand a lot of abrasion from high traffic areas.


They are fire resistant, anti-static and naturally sound absorbing because of the natural molecular structure of the fibers.

Natural rugs are stain resistant and cleaned easily but substantial exposure to water can be damaging to a lot of the natural fibers.

There are numerous weaves, textures and colors to choose from.

Natural fibers are woven together with other natural fibers to give the rug the merged benefits of each unique fiber.

Popular Natural Fiber Rugs

Wool: Wool area rugs are incredibly durable.  They are an excellent option for high traffic areas because of the materials natural resilience. The coarse fibers of the wool are coated with a natural wax that help protect the rug from stains.  Wool area rugs are also know to help maintain the indoor air quality by absorbing harmful air particles.   

Bamboo: A bamboo rug is one of the most dependable choices of natural rugs.  Bamboo plants are one of natures fastest growing and strongest materials. Bamboo rugs have been used by people in Asian countries for centuries because of the materials natural durability, aesthetic charm and environmental ease.

Jute: Jute rugs are one of the oldest types of flooring.  Jute is a plant that mainly grows in warm and humid climates. It is  one of the softest natural rug materials out there and usually has a brightness and silky sheen to it.

Sisal: Sisal rugs are derived from cactus plants.  The sisal fibers are coarse and extremely durable. Once they are spun into sisal yard they are tufted and woven into the sisal rugs we see today.

Seagrass: Seagrass rugs are made from reed-like grasses woven into various patterns.  They are smooth to the touch, have a slight natural sheen and are extremely stain resistant.  Seagrass rugs are very durable, easy to clean, and are a perfect choice for high traffic areas. 

Cotton: Cotton rugs are very soft on the feet and come in an endless assortment of colors.  They are durable, easily cleaned and great for any area.

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