Rugs Can Be Placed Anywhere In The Home

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Do you have a space that’s a little dark? Are you looking for a way to tie multiple elements in a room together? An area rug may be the answer! Use a rug to brighten up a living room. Lay down an area rug in the living room or family room. A vibrant rug will brighten an otherwise dark room. The rug will add coziness to the room if it is made of darker colors. The rug can also accent the room, add warmth to floor and can act as a sound absorber.

Instead of using a standard area rug in the family room or living room consider trying something a little different. A runner, a type of rug that is longer and more narrow than the standard area rug, can be placed in front of the couch to accent the couch or the art on the wall behind the couch. A door mat rug can be added in front of the front door. A small sized rug can be placed in front of the opening to another room in the family room or living room. A runner rug can be placed on stairs or in a hallway. Runner rugs can also be used to keep new carpeting clean in heavy traffic areas.


A large sized area rug can be placed in a dining room to add beauty and spice up the room. The area rug should be placed under the dining room table and it should be large enough so that when the dining room chairs are pulled out they remain sitting on the rug.

An outdoor rug can be placed on a patio to make the patio look nice. Outdoor rugs are also used just inside doors where there is heavy foot traffic and the possibility of dirt, mud, or sand being brought in on shoes and feet.

Smaller sized rugs can be placed in the kitchen to add beauty and accent the décor. A small sized rug can be placed in front of the sink to look nice and stand on while washing dishes. Rugs in the kitchen can help to prevent falls from happening on the slick wet tiles.

Small sized rugs can be placed in the bathroom for warmth and décor. Small sized rugs can also be placed in the bedrooms. A large size rug can also be placed in a bedroom under the bed. The rug should protrude from under the bed to add beauty to the décor in the bedroom.

Whether you choose an area rug or a runner, the right rug can make your house feel like a home.

Greg Garner represents the rugs industry.

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