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Guitar Lessons Newmarket     /      Blues Guitar

Blues is a musical art form I feel that lead the way for understanding

The blues progression is very simple but so many still have a hard time
playing it.  The hard part to learn in a blues progression is how to play the turnaround chords with the right amount of time value for each bar to bring the blues progression back to the top.  This then is a correct blues progression that can be played over and over again.

There are blues guitar type songs that are played on one chord.  This is
called more of a static chord vamp to create lyrics sung on top of the one chord vamp. Licks in one key centre then start to flow an lay musical phrases over the vamp.

The other blues guitar chord progressions are the 8 bar blues, 12 bar
blues, and the 16 bar blues.   The correct turnaround chords have to be
played in the correct tempo of the song without speeding up or slowing
down during the turnaround bars.  If you can get through these blues chord progressions without getting lost during the turn around chords you are on your way of becoming a great blues guitarist.

Blues guitar is an art form that is very healing and I call it testifying.

The blues guitar in its early folk blues days paid great attention
towards the consistent chord vamp or a blues progression.  In
early times the use of a 3, 4, or 6 note riff repeated at a certain time
in the chord progression gave the blues progression song a feeling that you are
being rocked in a cradle like a baby child. 


Blues guitar techniques are used to express how you feel.  The use of vibrato, pre bends, muting  & dampening strings, real high bends, double stops notes, and double stop bends, and so many other techniques to learn to express yourself the best.

Most of these techniques take a lot of time to learn to do correcly.  My
advice is jump in and try to do all of them.  The more you do it the
more you will learn.  It is very important I feel to be shown from a pro
the way to play certain musical  techniques on the guitar.  If someone shows you right up close how these techniques are done you are very fortunate.

I have many DVD video courses on so many areas of learning blues guitar.
In the higher level of the blues masters they can make the blues guitar
talk and people respond at a primal gut level, and  understand what the blues artist is saying.

I tell all my blues guitar students to start writing their own blues
lyrics at a young age.  I encourage my students to sing.  Without a song
to sing a bunch of guitar solos will get boring. Get discovered singing your own great hit song and have a chance to play some real nice guitar on them.


Rick Washbrook has a lot to offer you.

Learn guitar from recording artist and teacher Rick Washbrook!!!!!  Washbrook offers private lessons or global instruction guitar videos.  Rick Washbrooks half hour or hour pricing is lower than music stores, and you get a teacher that has been playing for 38 years.  
Washbrook has won awards for his playing and has written a few hit songs. His private guitar lessons are walking distance from Young Street in Aurora.  Washbrook over the years has self discovered many methods that will help you learn faster.  Rick Washbrook enjoys showig his wisdom.

By:  Rick Washbrook
July 8, 2011


Guitar Lessons Newmarket     /      Blues Guitar

Please contact me and I can tell you about the blues guitar instruction videos I have.

I can teach you what the great blues players did to understand how they got their sound.
I can help guide your style development. I enjoy sharing my blues guitar knowledge.


“Anyone looking to improve their playing in any genre of guitar would be amazed at what they have not yet discovered after a lesson with Rick Washbrook.”
By: Warren Graves (Student of Rick Washbrook)
Science teacher, and music guitar teacher at Lindsay High School.


“Rick Washbrook’s guitar playing is beautiful.”

Guitar Player Magazine USA Jude Gold Editor



Rick Washbrook – How To Play The Guitar – Every One Learns Differently


Rick Washbropok – String Bending



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