Advantages of Using Carpet Steam Cleaners for Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet steam cleaners have made life easier by mechanizing the process of carpet cleaning. Even the largest, heaviest, or plushest carpet can be cleaned easily using powerful carpet steam cleaners. If you receive contracts for cleaning carpets or you need powerful carpet steam cleaners for maintaining upholstery or carpets in commercial areas such as hotels, office complexes, retail stores, and boutiques, purchase carpet steam cleaners built for intense, ongoing operations. These powerful carpet cleaners have many advantages over ordinary, low-end machines that people use for cleaning their homes.

High Pressure

The higher the pump pressure, the more powerful the water spray and greater the cleaning ability of the carpet cleaner. A commercial carpet cleaning machine should have pressure levels higher than 100 psi. Pressure levels for quality commercial machines start at 115 psi and may go as high as 220 psi. Industrial carpet steam cleaners have pressure levels as high as 500 psi. The pressure levels are adjustable between 0 and 500 psi.

Carpet cleaning machines with adjustable pressure levels may be used on delicate carpets too, where high pressure levels may cause damage.

Vacuum Extraction

An industrial carpet extractor may have water lift of at least 100-150 inches, powerful enough for removing embedded dirt and moisture from carpets.

Carpet cleaning machines should have high quality motors. Usually, high capacity carpet cleaners have two motors for added vacuum extraction power.


High Temperature

Carpet cleaning machines with high temperatures clean heavily soiled carpets more easily than cold water ones. Hot water dissolves dirt and stains from carpets. It also helps eliminate odors from carpets.

Machines available with some dealers attain temperatures in the range of 200-210°F. Hot water provides much greater cleaning power than cold water, but should be used with care; very high temperatures may damage delicate carpets or result in bunching. For this reason, top suppliers offer carpet steam cleaner machines with high hot water temperatures and adjustable temperature capabilities.

If you are using water at low temperatures, add an eco-friendly carpet shampoo for effective cleaning.

Auto Fill and Auto Dump

Maintaining continuous operating capability becomes easier if carpet and upholstery cleaners have auto fill and auto dump features. These are time saving, labor saving features found on top industrial machines that reduce the time spent on non-cleaning activities.

Low Flow Technology

Low flow carpet cleaning machines with advanced low moisture technology consume less water, but offer the same advanced cleaning power as machines with regular flow rates.

Reduced water consumption results in drastically shorter drying times as well as reduced cost on water disposal and site cleanup. Another advantage to carpets drying faster is the lessened chances of fungal growth on carpets.

Parts and Accessories

Industrial carpet extractors have more accessories and innovatively designed parts for better cleaning than ordinary carpet cleaners. They must include a durable, adjustable wand that creates a tight seal with the carpet for better extraction. An optional upholstery wand may be selected for use in cleaning upholstery and automotive interiors. You can customize hose length according to your requirements, and this is an advantage seldom found with home-use machines.

Industrial carpet and upholstery cleaners are more durable, powerful, and carry a host of features not found on low-end machines. Buying one of these machines will make a lot of difference to your cleaning, car wash, or any other business and can raise productivity dramatically.

Daimer Industries is a leading supplier of upholstery cleaner. Daimer provides a complete range of carpet cleaning equipment including commercial carpet cleaner, carpet shampooer and many more.

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