Carpet Cleaners plus Biodegradable Carpet Shampoo The Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

by George Eastman House

Carpet cleaners have replaced hand washing and shampooing carpets in almost every application, be it commercial or industrial areas, and even homes. Carpet cleaners are powerful, productivity-enhancing machines, which is why cleaning contractors, car wash businesses, hotels, spas, salons, and retail businesses invest in these machines. They help keep carpets clean on a regular basis, which is a plus in customer- and sales-driven industries where appearance can make a big difference.

Carpet Cleaner Benefits

Carpet cleaners should ideally be low flow machines. This means they use minimal water. For cleaning carpets without using excessive amounts of water, the machine should be powerful (some industrial carpet cleaning machines have pressure levels as high as 500 psi). High temperatures are also a plus. Many heated carpet cleaners attain temperatures as high as 210°F. However, be careful not to use very hot water on delicate carpets, and expensive or antique upholstery. Carpets with glued bases may come apart or bunch up on exposure to very high temperatures. This is why top machines offer adjustable temperatures to enable use of hot or cold water on carpets and upholstery.

Carpet cleaners should also have powerful water extraction capabilities. The more water the machine can suction out, the drier it leaves the carpet. Moist carpets, particularly those left wet for longer periods of time, are vulnerable to molds and fungi. They create bad odors, particularly within indoor spaces. Low flow capabilities contribute to faster drying because of the small amount of water used which eliminates risk of mold growth and the rise of foul odors. By using less water, a carpet cleaning business can allow carpets and upholstery to be used again quickly, often in as few as two hours.


Enhancing the Cleaning Process

Operators often need additional cleaning power to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Several types of carpets can be washed only with cold water, thereby making certain stain removal difficult. The ideal solution is to use carpet cleaners with detergent. Used with a carpet shampooer, the detergent enhances the cleaning power. This is particularly beneficial when using a non-heated carpet extractors, which doesn’t afford the same cleaning power as heated units without added cleaning solutions.

However, regular carpet detergents have many disadvantages. They are usually toxic, allergy inducing, and harmful to the environment. They increase operational cost by corroding carpet cleaning machine parts and requiring safety gear and equipment for proper disposal of dirty water after cleaning. A carpet cleaning business cannot dump the toxic water into the nearest storm drain. In addition, toxic residues left on carpet surfaces can harm customers and employees.

The best option is to use a biodegradable, non-toxic green detergent with your carpet cleaning equipment. This enhances the life of the carpet shampooers because the detergent is noncorrosive. These detergents are convenient to use, whether for manual spot cleaning (for example, removing light stains) or with carpet cleaning equipment.

Other advantages are reduced clean-up costs, no threat to user health, and convenient storage and transportation. The best green detergents are made of plant derivatives. They do not contain bleach or carcinogens. They do not cause allergic reactions or chemical burns. They are nonflammable; therefore, they require no special storage precautions. Unlike other carpet cleaning products that may leave behind toxic residue in carpets, these detergents pose no threat to children or pets.

Owing to all these advantages, businesses are increasingly switching to green carpet shampoos that, in combination with powerful carpet cleaning machines, remove most, stains, dirt, and odors from carpets.

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