Important Things to Know About Blue Cheese

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Blue cheese, also known as Bleu cheese, is one of the most popular classifications of goat’s milk, sheep’s milk or cow’s milk cheeses that have mould Penicillium cultures added to them to make the final product that is veined or spotted with a blue-gray, blue green or blue mold. This has a very distinct smell that mostly comes from bacteria that has been specially cultivated. There are some blue chesses that are normally injected with spores after they form the curds while others are mixed up before they actually form giving one a choice to get the one they want.

The Blue cheese is normally aged in an environment where the temperature has been controlled like in a cave. One can either decide to eat them without anything or add to food but some other people prefer to eat it crumbled. Individuals can find flavored Blue cheese where one can pick the one that their taste buds enjoy. This ensures that one does not have to stick to one type of cheese as they can alternate to break the monotony so that one does not get bored eating the cheese. One can find very many cheese shops to get the one they are looking for.


In the European Union, Stilton cheese and Roquefort blue cheeses usually have a designation of origin that has been protected. This means that they can only carry the name if they have been produced in a certain place in the country. The same applies to other countries that have protected their products like Italy and France. There are numerous Blue cheese recipes that are available in the market and one can not miss a tantalizing meal they can make and enjoy. This adds a sharp and salty flavor to the food.  Be sure check out Rosenborg online for Blue cheese recipes and a Blue cheese taste scale to help you choose the right Blue for you!

Culinary Uses of Blue Cheese

Since there are very many types of Blue cheese that are available in the market, they can be used for several purposed like:

It can be used in a dressing that has been served with Buffalo wings or any other type of food like vegetables.

The best Blue cheese can be crumbled to make salads that can be eaten during any time of the day.

It is a very good addition to fast foods like hamburgers as it gives them a great taste. These are usually covered with Cajun seasoning to come up with blue and black burger.

It can be used to enhance flavor of a polenta or risotto. This can also be mixed up with other types of cheese to make a pasta Quattro formaggi.

It can also be served with wine by itself.

One can also enjoy grilled cheese especially when they are having a barbeque with relatives or friends.

You can serve it with alcohol where it can be used to garnish Martinis by stuffing it with green olives.

Blue cheese is great for breakfast where one can use it as a filling for omelets to start of the day in a positive note. It can also be used on ginger bread a recipe that is common in Scandinavia.

The “True Bleu Experience” has been brought to you by Rosenborg, makers of fine blue cheese since 1926.

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