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To set a floor carpets in the room, of course, it’ll make the room has a good appearance. It not only pluses warm feeling of the room, but also is good for noise reduction in the room. And if you would like to purchase a floor carpet, please choose one which is with high-quality and long time lasting. What’s more, it is convenient to clean and keep the carpet.  There are a lot of skills for purchasing high-quality floor carpets as follow.

First of all, when you select a dark color floor carpet, it will let the room feel a bit small. The warmth as well as comfort looks should be highlighted.  While, if you choose to pay for a light color carpet, then the room will seem a little larger than it is in truth.   

It is necessary to take size of the area where the carpet will need to be laid out.  Generally speaking, they may be with the sizes of 4 * 6, 6 * 9 and 8 *10. You should only select the size that fits for the room which you decide to place the carpet.

According to traditional rules, all carpets are often in brick shape. However, nowadays different shapes of floor carpets are obtainable successfully to add the delicate of the room with round, square, triangular, octagonal shapes and so on.

It can be used for a long time if the fabric nature of the floor carpet is very dense. Some of the carpets contain many kinds of fillers. However, you can buy a pad to place under the carpet if it turns out that there’s not enough filler in the carpet itself. It will be more comfortable and cozy which also lengthens the use and break out of the carpet.  The washing way of vacuum clean can be adopted more easily, and it also removes the affection when walking on the carpet. The influent noise on hard surfaces has been reduced, too. Let’s take hard wood, tiles as well as other hard floors for examples.  


The carpet price should rely on whether it is made by hand or by machines, whether the used fabric materials are from natural resource or synthetic one.  Prior to purchase a carpet, it is necessary for you to choose the one with reasonable price that can be afforded by you.  In case that you purchase a carpet with inexpensive price, it may not be well for you to use for a long time and you need to replace it with another on very often.  While, if you choose to buy carpet not cheap in price, you may reduce the times to use that carpet. Thus, the best way is to choose a carpet with reasonable price which is with high-quality and good looking and touches comfort.

There are both kinds of floor carpets with hand made and machinery made. The handmade carpets are always more expensive than those made by machines. A few high-quality machine made carpets also look similar to the carpets made by hands.

Wool, cotton, silk and nylon all can be used to make floor carpets.  Please select the one that you think is most suitable. They are all with high-quality. Cotton carpets touch soft and display a feel of comfort.  The woolen carpets are used together with cotton ones which are not as expensive as woolen rugs. The woolen made carpets are also with high-quality and offer much warmth which is not a little durable. Dust mites are resistible for them. Silk floor carpets are shining and delicate. However, you’d better handle them carefully. Nylon material carpets are very durable, too. The strong and resist stain is their character.  But people usually thought less of them than the silk and the woolen carpets. Persian, Egyptian, ,Tibetan and oriental rugs all can be chosen for their particular designs, color and shapes.

The floor carpets should fit with the color of the walls, the furniture as well as the decoration of the room. A different type of floor carpet may need in every corner of a home. Choose the one that is most suitable for the unique district. You also need to have a look whether there are lots of people walking through that special room and then decide to choose the carpet material.  You should also make sure to what level that the beautiful carpet will affect the room lighting. Many factors should be considered such as carpet color, material and also the cost. Besides put the carpets on the floor, they can also set as decorations and hang up to make the room even more beautiful.

Both of the identity shops and online shopping have floor carpets on sale for your choice. You can have a look about the different types of carpets and then decide which one that you would like to buy for your room. There’s a disadvantage when purchasing through the website, that is the fiber dense and the quality feeling of the carpet which are difficult for you to know actually. Under this condition, it’ll be better for you to select a website to buy the carpets where you will be able to turn back if the quality or appearance is not so satisfying. You will surely be able to select the best quality floor carpets for your home with the knowledge of these skills.

 Olinia is an expert at home decoration, who had been in rugs manufacuturing industry for over 10 years before transferred to be a home decor designer, He know every tips you got to know before you buy woolen rugs,shaggy rugs or even oriental rugs. You can get more information about rugs choosing, cleaning, maintainence, and everything

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