Navy Blue Tie – Where Logic Stands

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Navy Blue Tie – Where Logic Stands

If you want to be logical about everything in your life including neckties, then you should at least own a navy blue tie in your closet. Logic stands where navy blue ties are concerned. They are useful, easy to match and oozing with sophistication that nothing can stand on its way. Among the solid colored neckties, navy blue stands out because it represents the royal color and it depicts honor, valor and reverence. Navy blue is one of the colors that every man’s collection of neckties is most prominent with whether or not they are solid or with other patterns. It is followed by other darkly colored neckties such as brown and burgundy whether patterned or otherwise.

Pure logical standpoint says that dark ties like navy blue necktie is more versatile than most pale ties. This means that they are easier to match with any kind of shirt except dark ones of course because they create the kind of contrast like none other. They emphasize an otherwise dead pale shirt and they accentuate your personality even more than the pale colored ones. Ties that are navy blue in color or any other darkly colored ties are more sober and business-like. But, even when they are worn outside of your work, they can still play the supporting role of enhancing your fashion no matter what clothing combination you want to wear.


Another thing about dark colored neckties like navy blue is that they are most useful and practical. They match well with suits that are in base colors like blue and grey. Navy blue colored ties whether plain or patterned are versatile producing outfit that is best for your job interview, presentation and other business gatherings. They are most likely will combine well with other patterns and colors for your suit and shirts. Navy blue is one of the most anchoring and adventurous colors because they highlight well any shirt or suit that you are trying to wear. A lot of men opt to choose navy blue over other colors when it comes to solid colors because they are subtle when it comes to representing power and authority.

As far as neckties are concerned, navy blue is like the leg of all colors. No one would argue your fashion style if you are wearing neckties that are colored navy blue. As long as you wear it on top of paler colors like pink, white, light blue and light yellow, nothing could go wrong with dark colored ties. If you could choose just one necktie among the many varieties available in the market today then by all means choose navy blue colored neckties. Of course, no man would want to own just one necktie but to cover the basic this particular necktie is where logic stands.

A lot of men are already collecting at least a dozen neckties to choose when they are going to work. Probably, you are one and the same in this position and no one could blame you. Variety is fashion and style and you should not be limited in any way with the kind of neckties you want to wear. The only limit here is your imagination and you can even go beyond as long as you keep your heads up for the trend and what is appropriate.

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