Some Tips in Choosing Chinese Rugs for Your Teenage Kids’ Rooms

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If you’re decorating your teenage daughter’s room and it has a theme that makes her feel like an Arab princess, you can choose from a wide array of home accent pieces like Chinese rugs with a Persian style.

Small, swirling floral patterns combined with intricate designs reminiscent of antique Persian heirlooms will surely delight your teen princess. Chinese rugs can be 100 percent wool or acrylic and come in large rectangular, or half moon or oval shapes.

Contemporary area rugs in acrylic actually come in diverse colors and designs, so you may opt for several interesting patterns of rugs like nature-inspired or whimsical patterns for the rooms of teens (or younger kids in the family) with changing tastes.

For tweens or kids barely in their teens, who oftentimes have friends sleeping over, a big area rug where school projects may be done or where the young people can squat on while engaging in endless chatter is ideal. Consider how the fiber will feel on bare feet and the maintenance the rug will require. For teenagers a modern rug or one with natural fibers will work well.


For a teenage boy’s room, a circular handmade rug from China, in blue-gray, slate and silver hues, in modified acrylic can inspire a sense of luxury while lending a casual appeal. Hardwood and laminate floors tend to scratch and get wear spots with the passage of time, so an area rug will be highly functional and is not jus there for decorative purpose.

One tip is to place a rug mat underneath the rug to keep it from sliding around and preventing the room occupant and his guests from accidental injury.  This will also help prolong the life of the area rug. Indeed, a contemporary area rug can serve more purposes than one while mirroring traditional craftsmanship with the latest home fashion trends.

An older daughter with discerning taste may also love items like Oriental rugs, notably a hand-woven Kashan (this is actually a place in Iran which has long been the center for rug weaving) in burgundy, blue, gold, and other tones. Typical rugs of this sort feature diamond-shaped medallion with little matching spandrels in a field of blooms.

Some even feature hunting scenes. If she prefers a pattern that reflects the wild side of her personality and bring out her inner diva, check from an array of options ranging from animal prints to other unique patterns offered by certain online merchants.

Other teens that prefer simple designs will be delighted with many other hip and lovely options in area rugs, ranging from hearts to butterflies, to cartoons and fleur de lis patterns. There are also unique designs like a rug designed like the keys of a piano or a crown.

Most teens’ rooms end up chaotic but with a little sprucing up & decorating, and with the help of quality coordinating home accent pieces that follow a certain theme, it can be a joy entering and staying indoors. Choose from an array of colors and patterns of cotton rugs that will not only tastefully accentuate your teenage kid’s room but will also make him/her happy and appreciative of your efforts.

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