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If you are interested in learning to play the blues but haven’t got around to learning exactly how and why the blues is what it is, you may want to consider looking into this course. It is taught by a guy named Nate Savage, who has more than 16 years of experience playing the guitar, and it is produced by Rail Road Media Inc.

(They are a fairly well known musical instruction publisher for titles such as Drumming System, Drummer Store, and Beginner Guitar System)

The course is geared for the beginner to intermediate player who may be feeling they are stuck in a bit of a rut, but need a new way of learning things apart from memorizing the same boring pentatonic scales shapes. Being able to create your own licks as well as being able to confidently navigate your way around the neck are two very important aspects that Blues Guitar Blueprint will help you achieve.

As mentioned in my review of Beginner Guitar System after you purchase the course you can get access to the private forum, but it is honestly still a work in progress as it is rather small, at least at the time of this writing, though it will most likely improve over time.

The Blues Guitar Blueprint course comes with a detailed workbook, 2 Lesson DVDs, and 4 Jam Along CDs.

The driving force behind the course are the Lesson DVDs and the Jam Along Tracks. By nature, blues music is based on feel nearly as much as technique it seems, so maintaining a practice routine is something that will need to be committed to early on.


The 2 Lesson DVDs delve into the realm of blues licks. Here you will learn 41 special blues licks. The cool part about it though, is that the licks are designed to help you understand exactly how blues licks are made, and teach you how to come up with your own blues licks on the spot.

After you have that down solidly, you can put your new found skills to the test by playing along with the four blues play along tracks that come with the Blues Guitar Blueprint. These play along tracks are in my opinion one of the best parts of the package. The four tracks include Minor Blues, Chicago Blues, 6/8 Quick Change Blues, and Jazzy Blues, all of which are great as you develop your own unique style.

The 4 CDs each contain one of the play along tracks. Each play along song has 3 versions, a complete band version, another version without the guitars, and finally the last version which is similar to the second but features an added metronome for extra guidance.

Another feature that is included are the loop tracks for each song in 7 different keys. It is a pretty cool feature that helps enable you to play in more than just a few keys.

The Blues Guitar Blueprint Book contains in-depth explanations of all the examples found throughout the whole course. Each of the licks and scales come fully notated.

A couple reasons to really like this course are that Nate doesn’t just throw a ton of chords and scales your way and then tell you to “play like a blues guitarist”, like some other courses have a bad habit of doing.

He shows you scales, but keeps it simple by only using 2 positions, then proceeds to break everything apart and totally dissects it all so you can truly understand what the blues is really all about.

Basically you will learn how blues scales really work, and you will learn about each and every note in the scales, and why some notes sound good and why others don’t. These lessons are important in becoming a guitarist that actually knows what they are doing, as opposed to someone that may only be able to replicate but not originate. By the end of the course you should be well on your way to creating intelligent licks on the spot, and actually improvising on your instrument.

Another bonus is that you will learn a bit of music theory as well. An example would be how scales and chords are built, 4 popular blues progressions, as well as some other scales that can be used when playing the blues.

I highly recommend the Blues Guitar Blueprint, especially if you have learned a few scales and are frustrated or tired with sounding like you are only playing “scales” and not real blues. To truly play the blues, you have to understand how the blues work, and this course teaches you just that.

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