Reaping the Benefits of Rugs

Some people assume that area rugs are simply pointless, scaled-down carpets yet whilst some may be small, they are in no way pointless.

It may be tough to think that a straightforward item of material can easily provide household interiors with so many benefits yet they do. Detailed below are ten great justifications why you must get yourself rugs for your house.

1) Available in all shapes and sizes

Rugs can be purchased in a selection of colours, measurements, types, shades and designs. Aesthetically, they can refresh the interior furnishings of a home, drawing the eye to a focus in any room.

2) Choose from many materials

Rugs are available in an array of varied textiles both natural and man-made. Cotton, one of several natural possibilities, is a lightweight choice and very cheap. Wool is often the most popular, natural material when deciding on a rug; it is soft yet utterly robust and available in a range of colours and shades. Japanese and Chinese bamboo is a remarkably strong material and is a great choice for rugs positioned in locations with heavy footfall. Artificial materials such as Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene and Viscose, are also optional resources for rug choices.

3) Green

Organic, sustainable materials are more frequently used to craft long-lasting and good for the environment rugs. Some of these materials are Bamboo and Jute which are extremely tough materials making them excellent choices for rugs in areas of the home that are susceptible to high volumes of traffic.


4) Liven up interiors

Interior design can be a pricey operation having said that a cost effective way of refreshing the home’s decor can be to switch your normal rug with a brand new one. Deciding on a different colour combination and different design can breathe life into any tired room in your home. A number of people also opt to apply rugs to exposed floorboards as a less pricey substitute for expensive carpeting.

5) Decrease your noise levels

Noise levels in a hard-floor home are increased, particularly when you boost volumes on equipment such as TVs, radios and telephones. Where a carpeted room will soak up this noise, a non-carpeted room will leave the sound resonating loudly. A rug in such cases is able to noticeably scale down noise levels. Rugs are also perfect for eliminating noise in between adjoined homes; there’s nothing more irritating than a pacing neighbour in big boots!

6) Keep the heat in and the cold temperatures out

Though wooden flooring and other hard floor types offer benefits such as sturdiness, stylishness and handy points such as being easy to maintain, the moment the weather turns cold, so do they! Area rugs around a room can sustain warmth in a room and hold off the cold.

7) Soften tough floors

After a hard day on your feet, nothing compares to the soothing feeling of painful feet nestling into a soft carpet. For those with hard floor surfaces such as wood or tiling, rugs can be a great compromise.

8) Safety First

Rugs boast the benefit of creating a safety component to hard floor surfaces. Not only do rugs provide you with a non-slip walking area area rugs also cushion impact should anybody fall over – a great feature for homes with kids or frail elderly.

9) Affordability

Area rugs may cost as little as 10 pounds whereas others soar into the tens of thousands, leaving bank managers breaking into a cold sweat. This huge scale in pricing ensures that whether you’re saving or in the mood to splash out, you will find a rug available to correspond with your budget.

10) Adopt different cultures

A rug may be an excellent memento from your trips abroad and the ultimate way of introducing various cultures into a home. Although shipping/carrier charges could perhaps be expensive, many marketplaces around the world, primarily in Asia and North Africa, offer striking and original rugs for significantly less than high-street stores or specialists.

Paul Simon is a leading UK rugs store with 50 branches in England.

For a full range of cheap rugs, look online or visit your local store.

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