Are You Looking For Green Flooring Choices For Your Home?

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In this day and age there are many green floor options available to you, the homeowner. If you have a budget concern, or you just need something that will go with your home decor, your choices of style will not be limited to just a small few options. With a quality floor installer and a green floor option your house will stand out from all other homes!

Let’s let look at three main options to choose from and with the pros and cons of each green flooring type.

This is easily becoming one of the most popular choices for homeowners today. Cork is an inexpensive, flexible material that is hypo-allergenic, affordable and easy to install. It is no wonder it is becoming such a popular green floor choice.

The one downside to cork is that it does not work as well in areas with a lot of moisture. Never use cork flooring in a bathroom, or any other room where water is often running and splashing is a factor. Cork is also damaged easily, so avoid putting it down in rooms with high foot traffic.


This material is not often thought as a viable green flooring option. Although often confused with vinyl, linoleum flooring is made of various other materials which makes it biodegradable and environmentally safe. It is an easy to manage material and comes in many options. A great flooring to put in high traffic areas, kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. With advantages such as being water resistant, strong, durable, and heat resistant.

The downsides to linoleum, it can appear cheap at times and not give you that authentic rich look. It is not recommended for concrete subfloor material or basements.

An exotic wood species used for creating hardwood floors tends to be really expensive, but bamboo is an exception. It is affordable, easy to find and is a great option for hardwood. This green floor option is very durable and can easily hold up in high foot traffic areas. It does not dent or scratch easily. Bamboo is a great choice for environmentally aware people, bamboo unlike trees rejuvenates within four to five years.

The cons are not easy to find, but there have been some complaints of bamboo flooring being more brittle than hardwood.

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