Wool carpets and rugs

Wool rugs are great to use and rich history, as they are. Nearly 8000 years ago, people goat and sheep shearing and wool weaving techniques I learned how to make and great. Soon, people need to realize how much insulation and carpet, and ultimately emerged. Wool carpets in their homes the best products are used to maintain temperature. It really turned into an infinite product, like a carpet for the needs of any home decor to increase demand and preferably made of 100% wool carpets. Although these rugs, fibers from natural sources are expensive, but for various reasons, people prefer the use of these carpets.

This wool carpet wool carpet, and numerous avatar.Dori wool carpets from wall to wall carpet is done.

You can also wool carpets will be located carpets from synthetic fibers and natural looking growth. These are cheaper than the original wool carpets. But there are some people who like to use these carpets and rugs are not mixed as it is made from 100% wool carpets that reduce many benefits.

Polyester and nylon has occurred in the mid 20th century, such as synthetic fibers. As the price of these materials is lower than wool carpet wool carpet of synthetic fibers form captured the market is created. If just cheap synthetic carpets, tufted carpets and rugs, but also can be used to make. But wool carpets and decorated many houses still own because of the brilliance and prosperity there.

Synthetic wool carpets for those people still choose to avoid synthetic fibers because they want to use. As synthetic carpets are created using certain chemicals, there are some reasons for concern about the chemicals were. It is often believed that these chemicals continue to carpets and the air we breathe is mixed. The State vigorously argued that the synthetic carpets contribute to household toxic and must avoid creating pollution.


Since this is a serious problem, there are natural fiber carpet wool, using a steady growth in demand. However, some wool carpet stain resistance, are often treated with chemicals. However, any natural carpets that do not receive treatment.

Wool carpets have many advantages as well. Do not house dust mites in carpet and as such is a contaminant. Wool fiber is stain resistant and natural capital is known as lanolin. Wool carpets are biodegradable in very well and is renewable, is often “green” carpet is considered.

There are many benefits of using wool carpet, it not only benefits the city, but the environment as well. Wool is a natural product which can be renewed as well. If you buy wool carpets, wool production will be of benefit to local farmers who in turn will be faster.

Wool carpet for a long time in fact its proper buoyancy and bulk that can withstand the pressures exerted very well repeat the trick well, unlike others such as carpets, maintaining the appearance may have. Wool carpets are naturally flexible. Researchers have recognized this fact and also that by cutting a three-dimensional spiraling crimp that hair, which works almost like a tiny spring. Each fiber and increase the elasticity of the springs to bounce back after repeatedly stress could allow hair can. A unique feature of wool carpets and give extra advantage over synthetic ones.

Wool rugs also have natural ability in comparison with spots fiber membrane, the wool fibers as a repellant to prevent entry of water through acts covered. This is yet another factor is that wool carpet makes it possible to retain a presence.

Wool also has natural properties that is unique against the dirt. If wool carpet has to be seen under a microscope, can be seen that the fiber surface of the roof structure is overlapping scales, which may be incurred. In the rocks at the very top all the dirt and will help to trap dirt, close to the surface of the carpet can. That using the vacuum cleaner can be removed quickly and easily.

Wool carpets and flame-retardant properties of the natural wave. Protein and fiber wool rich moisture, it actually acts as a standalone product can extinguishable.

In addition to these benefits, wool rugs can provide many benefits to our health:

* Wool rugs are non-toxic. They are not allergic as well, but some people are allergic to wool from nature, they can not.
* Waves supports the growth of bacteria.
* Waves as moisture in abundance, so at least some static electricity shocks and reduce risk as well.
* Wool rugs also act as purifiers and infections may interfere with nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and sulfur oxide is caused due. Fiber helps capture these pollutants.
* Wool Carpets Carpets are the size and credit is too much air pockets. In the carpet in the room makes it possible to provide proper isolation and can regulate the temperature of the room.

All these factors show that, wool rugs are the best today and always will be. It not only complements the interior of your home, but some of the qualities required to help maintain a healthy lifestyle should be. In a friendly atmosphere, friendly health and each house can be used. Cleaning carpets too easy and can be themselves at home.


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