Blues Guitar Solo

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It is essential for musicians to be able to play music without the support of a band and this is also an essential element in a blues guitar solo where the guitarist must play notes which sound correct. This is because when the guitarist plays a solo, the blues sound all depends on the notes he plays. The set of notes is known as the scale. The scale is set to suit the songs and chords strummed by the blues guitar solo. There are several different music books that speak of the numerous scales, chords and melodies that are attached to create the perfect blues guitar solo.
Pentatonic Scale in Blues Guitar Solo

One of the scales used in blues guitar solo is the pentatonic scale. This is named because of the scale’s use of the only five (penta) different notes. It starts with the minor pentatonic scale on the chord E. The key of E is used in the beginning because of its ability to open all the guitars strings to a certain scale. This kind of minor scale is perfect for the deep sound produced in most blues, However, there is also a major pentatonic scale which is not very common in the blues guitar solo. Simple blues guitar solos can be played with open strings using the E minor scale.
The Blues Scale in Blues Guitar Solo

The blue notes are widely argued because of the different formats in which they exist. The most common blues scale played for the blues guitar solo is the diminished third and seventh. These notes have a lowered pitch compared to those played on a major scale. This pitch is to create the feeling in a blues song. This kind of scale uses a mixture of African and European music styles to create a perfected blues guitar solo.
Criticism of Blues Guitar Solo

There is one theory that does not support the blues guitar solo. This is known as the classical music theory which does not taken into consideration the music produced by the blues. According to this theory, the blues itself is a confused and incorrect format of music, making the blues guitar solo an eccentric and wrong form of music. This includes the chord progressions which gives the music played by the artists a bluesy form. The reason behind this format of blues guitar solo music is because of African-Americans attempt to play their local music on western instruments while singing their folk songs, which eventually led to the blues

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