Is it possible to accidentally stain an epoxy floor?

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We’ve all been there — one accidental bump and there’s a splash of oil or fluid on the floor that will become a permanent reminder of a single moment of clumsiness. Check any typical garage floor and you will probably find evidence of stains and spills dotting the surface, impossible to remove without extreme effort, or a complete grinding down of the concrete. It’s a universal problem for anyone who wants to do work in their garage while still maintaining a clean, attractive workspace, as well as in basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas sporting porous surfaces ready to absorb whatever comes their way.

Luckily there’s a simple solution to this frustrating problem, and it will actually leave your concrete floor looking cleaner and better than it did when you started. With one of our epoxy garage flooring kits, you can get a professional looking floor that will not only look great but also be an exceptional work surface resistant to all the accidental splashes that can occur when focusing on various household projects.

Because it dries to create a uniquely hard, solid finish, epoxy is famous for its stain resistance and easy-to-clean surface. Without treatment, domestic concrete is extremely porous, open to absorbing every liquid with which it comes into contact. Even when treated with a concrete floor sealer or standard floor paint, there is still only a minimal amount of protection against accidental absorption. Epoxy coatings work by filling in those thirsty concrete holes in your garage floor, creating a tight bond with the surface and an impenetrable layer of protective coating.

Our epoxy is particularly effective on the stain resistance and durability front because of its 24 hour curing time, allowing it to penetrate deep into the concrete before drying. This makes for a much more effective bond than with quick drying finishes that simply end up resting on the surface and peeling away over time.


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