Carpet Cleaning is a Must!

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Carpet cleaning is something that every household must consider.  While, a carpet can be beautiful, it can also become distracting and take away from the beauty of your home because of stains, wear, and tear.  Carpet cleaning and stain removal options are out there for everyone, and they allow you to eliminate odors, pollens, and lengthen the life of your carpet. 


The carpet cleaning methods that are right for you will depend on the amount of traffic your carpet or rugs endure, whether or not children or pets live in the home, and whether anyone in the home has allergies. It is also very important for the life of your carpet to choose a carpet cleaning method that is compatible with the materials that your carpet or rug is made of. 


Below lists some of the most popular carpet cleaning options:

Dry Foam: A shampoo is applied to your carpet and allowed to dry. Once dry, it is vacuumed up, bringing the dirt with it.


Dry Chemical: After a cleaning solution is applied to the carpet, a machine spins a large bonnet from side to side to absorb dirt in the carpet. After the bonnet is saturated with dirt, it is replaced with a new, clean bonnet and the process continues.


Dry Compound: An absorbent mixture is spread over the carpet. A machine brushes the mixture into the carpet to absorb the dirt. When the mixture dries, it is vacuumed out, taking the dirt with it.



Hot Water Extraction: This carpet-cleaning method is also known as steam cleaning. Hot water extraction forces a hot water based cleaning solution into the carpet under high pressure, and then extracts it back out of the carpet along with the dirt.


Portable Extraction: The carpet is cleaned by a small machine using hot tap water and powered by the electricity source in the house.


Truck Mounted Extraction: This uses a large cleaning machine mounted on a truck or van. The water is heated to a higher temperature and is shot into the carpet at a higher velocity than is possible in portable machines.


Carpet manufacturers rely on standards from the IICRC when providing cleaning instructions.  In most cases the IICRC recommends you have your carpets cleaned at least two times per year. Below is a list of standards used by the IIRC to properly care for your carpet and provide your carpet with the longest life possible:

Light Soil Carpet:  Carpet owner should vacuum weekly and spot clean as needed. Hire a professional carpet cleaner every 12 to 18 months for the heavy-use areas. Restorative cleaning for your carpet is recommended every two years or per mfg. warranty.


Normal Soil Carpet (families with children or elderly):  Carpet owner should vacuum once or twice per week and spot clean as needed. Hire a professional carpet cleaner every 6 to 12 months for the heavy-use areas. Restorative cleaning for your carpet is recommended once per year.


Heavy Soil Carpet (families with pets, smoking):  Carpet owner should vacuum two to four times per week and spot clean as needed. Hire a professional carpet cleaner every 3 to 6 months for the heavy-use areas. Restorative cleaning for your carpet is recommended twice per year.


Extreme Soil Carpet (large families, pets, smoking):  Carpet owner should vacuum daily and spot clean as needed.  Hire a professional carpet cleaner every 2 to 3 months for the heavy-use areas. Restorative cleaning for your carpet is recommended quarterly. 



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