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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is one of the 39 members of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.  The BCBSA was started in the twenties when Justin Kimball created a prepaid hospital plan that later became the Blue Cross health plan.  In 1933, the first baby to be born using health insurance coverage was a “Blue Cross Baby.”  In 1934, the Blue Cross symbol was commissioned, and in 1939 the Blue Shield symbol was created.  Employers first began competing for good workers by offering insurance benefit plans in 1944.  In 1946, the first national form of the organization, the Blue Cross Commission, is formed.


In 1965, the Blue Cross Blue Shield infrastructure made it possible for the government to launch Medicare and Medicaid.  The organization processed 63.4 million claims in the first five years of Medicare.  1982 saw the name Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association emerge.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) is a group of companies that serve Florida citizens in the insurance areas of health, dental, life, disability, and worker’s comp.  The roots of BCBSF go back to 1944 and the Florida Hospital Service Corporation in Jacksonville.  The BCBSF name was established in 1980.  BCBSF is still based in Jacksonville, Florida; however, it now includes ten companies offering a wide variety of insurance services.



The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida family includes Health Options, Inc.; Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.; Florida Combined Insurance Agency; Florida Health Care Plans; Comp Options Insurance Company, Inc.; First Coast Service Options, Inc.; InceptureSM, Inc.; NavigySM, Inc.; Tricenturion, Inc.; and Availity, Inc.  The business arm of the company is strengthened by its compliment in a group of community development organizations.  The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida, BlueCommunity Champions, Corporate Sponsorships, Community Relations, Partners in Education, For Florida’s Health, and Florida Blue Tour are all part of BCBSF efforts to support health, education, and the improvement of the communities in Florida which they serve.


Because of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida commitment to community, the group is also committed to diversity.  Almost a tenth of all residents in the United States that were born in foreign countries live in Florida.  This results in a convergence of numerous cultures, ages and lifestyles.  BCBSF provides insurance and services with respect for the differences in gender, age, ethnicity, education, religion, income, family status and experiences of their over four million customers in the Sunshine State.

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