How Long Will My New Epoxy Floor Take to Install?

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So you’ve decided you want to install one of our Car Guys do-it-yourself epoxy kits, but you don’t know what kind of time investment is required to get the job done properly? Here’s a quick rundown of how our kits allow for the easiest application possible, leaving you with a one-day project you can take pride in.

With our all-in-one kit that will be delivered right to your door, you will have all the tools necessary to tackle your garage floor project without the worry of running out of supplies or needing additional gear. Our flooring prep will help prepare the surface to securely bond with the epoxy, and can be quickly mixed and applied to remove excess mortar from the floor so that it’s primed and ready for application. You merely scrub away the debris and wait for the surface to dry, so you can move onto your next step within a couple of hours.

To apply the flooring, you begin by mixing the two included packages together until they create a smooth, homogenous blend of epoxy. Once the two parts are mixed you will have up to a half an hour of time to apply the epoxy to the surface of the concrete using our supplied roller, however, in most cases it should only take around ten to fifteen minutes to apply the flooring per kit. From there, it’s a simple matter of applying the anti-skid fleck to the still-wet surface using a simple underhand toss to broadcast it in a uniform manner. The fleck will then sink into the wet epoxy coating, levelling itself with the rest of the garage floor.

After applying the fleck, you will have a 24-hour wait until the epoxy has thoroughly dried and you can get back to work in your garage. This wait ensures that the garage floor epoxy achieves maximum adhesion with the concrete beneath, protecting it from wear while giving you an exceptional surface to work on for years to come. A one-day project—it’s that simple!


Car guys flooring has the highest quality garage floor paint to make any garage look like a professional show room. Find epoxy flooring that is right for your personal touch, and give your car something durable, easy to clean, and stylish to rest on.



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