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Supraclean Carpet Care specializes in offering carpet cleaning services for the entire Bay Area including the South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay, San Francisco, and North Bay Area. We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning Monday thru Sunday and our operating hours are from 8am -12am. We also offer other services such as upholstery cleaning for home and auto, tile and grout cleaning, duct cleaning, floor maintenance, commercial carpet cleaning maintenance programs, and water damage removal. Why choose Supraclean? Many carpet cleaning companies are all about getting in and getting out in the shortest amount of time leaving their customers with dirty carpets that re-soil within a few days. Sound familiar? Well at SupraClean we have a passion for cleaning carpets the right way utilizing only the best technology and really taking time to thoroughly clean your carpet. Supraclean believes that getting professional results requires several multiple step procedures in the carpet cleaning process. One of the first and foremost important steps is to thoroughly vacuum the carpets with an IICRC approved vacuum. We only use vacuums that contain a HEPA filter because they do the best job in extracting dry-soil down to .01 microns. No powerful truckmount can compete. After a thorough vacuum we inspect the carpet type. We also look for excess residue left behind by prior carpet cleaners. Sometimes prior carpet cleaners leave behind chemical residues which could react with our chemicals during the cleaning process. After the inspection, we will then apply a substantial amount of pre-spray to the entire carpet area. We then focus on treating high traffic areas and spotting in the carpet. We require that our pre-spray dwelling time be 10 minutes or more. This helps in suspending the soil to the top layer of the carpet. Finally the carpet is now ready for a deep cleaning utilizing the rotovac powerwand. The rotovac power wand produces 1500 multi-cleaning passes to really deep clean your carpet. The patented dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads completely encapsulates the spray jets and vacuum slots to create a “steam chamber” effect in the cleaning zone with minimal heat loss. This powerful combination of contained heat, agitation and multiple flushing action creates cleaning dynamics that cannot be equaled with a manual wand. Supraclean produces superior cleaning results that will amaze you everytime!! After the cleaning process is completed, the carpet should dry with-in 3-5 hours. It is very important to open windows and doors if possible to help promote the drying process. Supraclean does not recommend to walk on your carpet until it has completely dried. Drying time varies for every customer depending on several factors such as temperature, humidity, carpet type, and air circulation. Frequently Asked Questions: How often should I clean my carpet? There are many times I have entered a customer’s home to find their carpet in horrible condition. Many time these customers expect a miracle completed in just one cleaning. That’s just not the case. Many customers neglect their carpet and because of this, excess soil will build up and cause abrasion which can deteriorate carpet fibers. No carpet cleaner can bring a deteriorated fiber back to life and that’s the bottom line. That’s why maintenance cleaning is so important because it’s done periodically to maintain carpet life expectancy. It’s very important to follow the manufacturer warranty. They recommend to get professional steam cleaning every 2-6 months depending on the amount of traffic your carpet receives. Now if you are the type to wait for 2 years before your next carpet cleaning, then you will eventually pay more money for several reasons. For one thing your carpet will not last as long and you’ll end up replacing it sooner than you expected. In addition any professional carpet cleaner will charge you quite a bit more for a restorative cleaning and recommend additional cleanings to get your carpet up to par. Supraclean can provide a residential carpet cleaning program to keep your carpets in tip top condition. These programs can save you time and money and you’ll be glad that your carpet will look and stay cleaner a lot longer. Keeping your carpet clean all year around is better for your health too and at Supraclean, we only use organic chemicals which are biodegradable and environmentally safe. You will have peace of mind knowing that your carpet is clean but also safe for you and your loved ones. Which method should I use to clean my carpet? Most carpet manufacturers recommend steam carpet cleaning because it does the best job in killing 99.98% of the bacteria that are found in your carpet. Are your chemicals harmful to me and my family? No, not at all we use only organic chemicals which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Not to mention child safe. How do I go about removing a spill so that it doesn’t stain my carpet? A stain which has sat for too long will chemically bond to the fiber of your carpet. For example coloring from ink, coffee, or wine. Once a spill has happened, it is important that you act immediately to absorb the stain with a wet towel and heat and apply as much pressure as possible. You can apply a heavy object over the towel and spill and let sit for 24 hours. If a stain has sat for too long, many times you have to apply a stain removal system to remove these stubborn discolorations from your carpet. Sometimes they do not completely extract out which means that you may have to get a professional carpet dyer to come and color dye it. That could cost you hundreds of dollars. How do I prevent ugly black spotting and traffic areas on my carpet? Avoid where shoes on your carpet. Also vacuuming your carpet 3-4 times a week can prevent pre-mature soiling. Most spots or spotting on carpet is oil based and can be extracted with a normal steam clean. A high traffic area contains a combination of two types of soils that typically can be removed with a professional steam cleaning. Black high traffic areas contain a combination of oil and protein based soils. An active protein enzyme pre-spray and booster degreaser will usually be substantial in tackling these problematic areas.

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