The Importance of Having a Rug Pad

Probably one of the least thought about items in a room, rug pads add a world of importance to all area rugs. Every area rug should have a rug pad under it for several pratical reasons.

Originally, rug pads were made to prolong the life of area rugs. When a rug is being walked on, it takes stress as it rubs against the hard floor it sits on. A quality rug pad can eliminate this stress as it acts as a middle barrier between the rug and the floor. This will prevent the rug from wearing out prematurely as well as allowing easier vacuuming.

Most hardwood floors tend to scratch and dent easily. A good rug pad can eliminate any scratching from the back of the rug against the floor. Heavy furniture legs can also leave indentations in some hardwood floors and the use of a dense rug pad reduces this risk of damage.


For those rugs that tend to slide, a quality non slip rug pad will prevent accidents from happening. Non slip rug pads will prolong the life of your rug while also keeping the rug still, regardless of the amount of traffic the rug gets.

Do you hear echos or sounds in your rooms when walking on your floors? A jute rug pad reduces a lot of this sound. Many apartments need such a rug pad for those living underneath them. A good 40 ounce weight jute rug pad will truly reduce sound and provide a more comfortable environment.

Lastly, we have the comfort level. All rugs with pads are more comfortable than without pads. Generally, the thicker the pad, the more comfortable. Perhaps one of the most comfortable rug pads for area rugs is a 40 ounce recycled jute rug pad. This pad is dense enough to protect and thick enough to feel great when walking, sitting or playing on the rug. You may view a great selection of rug pads and learn more on rug pads at

I have been in the area rug and rug pad industry for several years with expertise in rug services such as rug pads and accessories. You may read more about different types of rug pads, which are best as well as the ability to choose a rug pad at

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