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When choosing an area rug you should consider couple of things, do you want a rug that will become a family heritage or you just want to add some warmth to your room with a simple rug. A beautiful handmade rug is likely to gain value as years go by, and could even become a collectible down the road. Handmade rugs are mostly made of silk, wool, or both in the same time. Best quality oriental rugs may come from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, China or Tibet. If you are on budget you might want to go with a machine made area rug than a handmade rug. Nowadays, the machine made area rugs look and fell almost like the handmade rugs and they are a lot less expensive. Machine made area rugs made with nylon or polyester. The life span of a synthetic rug is shorter that the ones made by natural fibers like silk or wool. If you are not sure what size or style to begin with, in your family or living room you might consider 5×8 rug and make sure the furniture is off the rug. In a dining room the rug should be big enough so that the dining table and the chairs fit on the rugs. Today the area rug is available with many vivid colors and styles.


Area rug that offers rich colors and designs will add great warmth to your space. But making sure that the colors of your rug matches the accessories and furniture in your room is important too. However some people don’t care about the vivid colors that the most oriental rugs offer. You may be able to tell where the rug was made simply by looking at the patters and designs and colors.   


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